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An Video collection of many important lectures.

Interview with political scientist Francois Burgat

It hurts': French Muslim on increasing alienation

He reverted to Islam after producing the film "Fitnah", which offends Islam - Arnoud van Doorn

When Belgium committed a holocaust in Africa


Why does Belgium Exist? (Short Animated Documentary)

The Good News that came out of France! - Abdur Raheem McCarthy

Mosques turned into a pigpen & cowshed in Azerbaijan's occupied Agdam district.

[Cartoon Story] The Boy and The King - English

Conquest of Constantinople Sultan Fatih Mehmet English Full Movie

The Message 1977 english version full movie By Mustapha Akkad


Salam and the Knights of Virtue | 2/3 | سلام وفرسان الخير

Salam and the Golden Queen | 3/3 | سلام والملكة الذهبية

Salam's Journey | 1/3 | رحلة سلام

The Simpsons Predicts Trump vs Biden 2020 Election (Biden Wins)

5 Things You Should Never Microwave

15 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

‘Offensive’ & ‘inappropriate’ | YouTube labels RT documentary on radical US groups

10 Haram Foods In Islam That Muslims Think Are Halal

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