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Rainstorm, Thunderstorms, and Terrible Flash Floods in Saudi Arabia, Sep.10, 2020

West Coast states devastated by record-setting fires | GMA

Sunrise Top Stories: 9-12-20

Watch the moment of the storm entering Mecca, Makkah, Saudi, Sep.12, 2020

Izmir earthquake critical moments

Muslim student told to draw Prophet Muhammad SAW

انهيار مبنى جراء الزلزال A building collapsed due to an earthquake

Extreme Hurricane Zeta Throws Building in the Air

Hurricane Zeta flips trailers, uproots trees in Louisiana as it roars ashore

What is Happening in the World?

المؤمنون المسلحون بالبنادق يحضرون احتفالا خاصا في الكنيسة الأمريكية Believers armed with guns attend a special ceremony in the American Church

شاهد زلزال ازمير وثبات المسلمين بالمسجد| Watch the Izmir earthquake and the Muslims' steadfastness in the mosque

تسجيل من داخل منزل لحظة وقوع زلزال إزمير التركية Recording from inside the home of the moment of the Turkish Izmir earthquake

Do French Muslims Have a Radicalization Problem?

"Freedom of expression" at the expense of French Muslims

Colonial crimes | DW Documentary

How the media falsely blamed Muslims for two attacks in France

Is it Possible to Insult Prophet Muhammed?

Algerian official alleges that France made soap from the “bones of slain Algerians”

One on One - Arnoud van Doorn, Chairman for the Party of the Unity

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