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Welcome to the Audio Library!

You made it to our All New Audio library!
An Audio collection of many important lectures.
Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.

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What between us and Allah no one knows

Remember death before is too late

Do you want dignity ??

The ultimate wisdom of Allah & of chosen things

Allah Akbar with my tongue or my heart?

Story to learn from!
Stop and reflect about it!

Chapter 18 verse 65 reflection

Eid Mubarak to All

How to spend the Day of Arafah

Be careful! Elevate Allah in your heart

Listen carefully & make tauba and dua

Last 48 hours of the most beloved days to Allah

Look! what you are looking at ??

Read chapter Ibrahim & Al hajj and Reflect

What Allah wants from me now

Remember the bounty of Allah

Remember death and your ending

Reflection over Ibrahim AS

Be busy with what beloved to Allah

Be careful in this beloved days to Allah

What to do in this most beloved days to Allah

Thanks to Allah in this beloved days to Allah

Do this ?? You will gain the love of Allah

Look inside your heart ??

Your journey to Allah? What is it

Imagine who is building your palaces ??

Prepare for the most beloved days to Allah

We are entering to the most beloved days to Allah

Stop! Reflect!
Ask yourself who you are? And where are you going?

My will before I go!


Chapter 23 ! The successful one[Part2]

Chapter 23 ! The successful one

Drugs ? Do you know about it ??

Duniya vs. Aakhirah

Allahu Akbar

Be good for Allah! You will see wonders

Most dangerous things against you ?

Look to whom under you

Enter history of Allah

Seek knowledge of Allah

How to know what is in my heart ??

Why did Allah create me this way?

How to be Abd Allah?

How to read my heart?{3}

How to read my heart?{2}

Follow up with the question,
How to read my heart ?

Question about how to read my heart ?
Like from the inside is better than from outside in. Starting from the heart. It to me is the best way to make sense of life. I realise I have more times lived life the wrong way. I want to feel my heart again. I trust if I use my heart my life will become better. It is the right path. The noble path. The highest fulfilment of life. It has peace. It has self consciousness. It is fulfilling the wish of Allah. Allah knows me best and created me. If I follow my heart, am with Allah and living His plans for me. I found peace and heart again. How do I feel or listen to my heart? How can I change. Want to know more about how my heart works. What signals to pick up or how to read my heart? My instincts feelings and emotions? How to apply my heart and the situations?

Step by step toward journey of iman

Advice for People who are new in this journey!

Difference between early days of Islam and now!

Duniya vs Aakhirah! Where are you ??

Chapter 28 listen to be learned

Chapter 28 listen to be learned

Celebrate your birthday and your loved one [2]

Celebrate your birthday and your loved one

How to deal with other [Part 2]

How to correct wrong

How to deal with other

How to be humble to others

Another golden key of happiness

Another key of happiness

Happiness with Allah only

Who is my companion ?

Who are you? Get to know your self

The story of Saba

Trust in Allah only

Real journey of love story

Remember death ! Remember the condition of the ummah

Do I look to the sky ??

Remember where are you going ??

Do you hear them ? Do you hear??

The secret of this life ! Thanks to Allah

Who am I? What Allah chose me for?

Message about last message

Just a reminder and thoughts

Remember death

Story to reflect and think

Ubay ibn Kaab

Extremely important message plus very important home work

Question about motivation

Chapter 15 verse 21

Don’t keep watching history!
Make history

Chapter 15 verse 19 till 24

Are we the people of Aakhirah?

Wake up! we have responsibilities

Unseen knowledge

Remember the condition of the ummah

Remember where you are coming from and where you are going

The constitution of change

Do you want the ultimate happiness and wisdom

Immune system of People sitting at home

Intelligence vs wisdom

These words are easy! Living it is difficult

Do you want to know your future?

They most important knowledge of your life

Lose outside but don’t lose inside

Food and thoughts for the soul

Your heart !! From my heart to you

Be happy with Allah

What do you want? Happiness? Love?

Quran Chapter 9 Verse 124
Read it carefully until the end

Which one first ??

Live for the message don’t lose it

Love! Do you really want to be loved?

Arrogant vs humble and humility

The most dangerous verse in Quran Verse 115 chapter 9

Chose which one ??

Follow up of the last 2 messages

Verse 111 chapter 9, Allah deals

Verse 100 chapter 9 surprise

Chose what ???

Freedom only with Islam

Dua with Imaan and Yakheen

Home work for today and every day!

Chapter Maryam 75

What are you thinking about?
Do you remember the bounty of all!

Wisdom from Quran

The roads to the highest level in Jannah

Happiness and misery duniya and aakhirah

Dawah and consultation

Words of wisdom

How do I know if Allah swt is pleased with me?

Chapter 21 verse 101

Al Salaam

Remember death and what you are living for?

Passion for what ??

What really matters ???

Warning from our time! Be careful

Reflection of Chapter Ar Rahman

Chapter Ar Rahman! Important

Do you want to be elevated in the eyes of Allah?

Fitnah! What I am going to do? [Part 2]

Fitnah! What I am going to do?

Acting or reacting

The most critical questions you can answer to your self

Live Happy

Chapter 4, Verse 26

Chapter Al Kahf (follow up)

The secret of this life

Chapter Al Kahf

Remember death

How do I know if I am guided or not?

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