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Welcome to the Audio Library!

You made it to our All New Audio library!
An Audio collection of many important lectures.
Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.

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Real Love vs. Fake Love [Part 2]

Real Love vs. Fake Love [Part 1]

Love is a Feeling...
Ultimate love is Love for Allah swt

When Allah swt smiled and laughed....

When it rains, its a Rahma from Allah swt...Make dua

What makes us see the worst in People?

How Allah Provides...

Love for Allah

Shoot the Messenger
[Part 5]

Shoot the Messenger
[Part 4]

Quran Chapter Al Baqarah
Verse 254/268 until the end

Allahu Akbar Kabeera, Walhamdu lillahi Katheera, Wa Subhanallahhi Bukratan Wa Aseela, La ilaha illallah

"Saving a Soul..."

Shoot the Messenger
[Part 3]

Shoot the Messenger
[Part 2]

Shoot the Messenger
[Part 1]

Shukr is different than Hamd
Hamd is a status within

Quran Chapter Al Hadid Verse 23
Being sad...is it okay or not okay?
Qadr(Destiny) Series

Quran Chapter Al Baqarah Verse 165/168/169/171/177/186/195/207/214/216/245

Be vigilant about the Mubarak Time that Allah swt has given us...

Trials & Tribulations...
What Allah swt wants from Me?

Stinginess/Arrogance Vs. Generosity/Humble & Humility [PART 2]

Stinginess/Arrogance Vs. Generosity/Humble & Humility [PART 1]

Remember Allah, Allah will fill your heart with Tranquility and Guidance.
Be in Good Company
Be in Zikrullah


How do I Balance between my Duniya and Aakhirah?


Quran Chapter 10, Verse 99, 100, 101
Value the Hidaya

Whoever calculates the sins or mistakes of others,
Allah will calculate for him and if Allah calculates,
he will be in Jahannam


Dua for Sister Azza Abdul Rahman Ahmad Hamza

Sight vs. Blindness _ Baseerah vs. 'Amaa
Check Video

Cause of conflict in a Relationship...

Pattern of Allah's Message in the last chapters of Quran

Why we do not have the Message in our heart?
Why are we so occupied with our Nafs?
Because we have no RAHMA...

One of the most CRUCIAL MESSAGE

Qualities of a Hypocrite [Part 2]

Qualities of a Hypocrite [Part 1]

Loyalty only to Allah wa Rasuluhu
Family Relationship will not benefit if it is not for Allah

First Attack to our Father Adam AS[Part 2] FORGETFULNESS
If you forget Allah swt, Allah will make you forget yourself...

Most Beloved days for Allah - Dhul Hijjah
[ Part 7]
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar...

Most Beloved days for Allah - Dhul Hijjah
[ Part 6]
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar...

First Attack to our Father Adam AS[Part 1]- FORGETFULNESS
Man is undeniably a very forgetful creature!
Human being is 'Insan' which comes from the root word "Nisyan" which literally means forgetfulness

Most Beloved days for Allah - Dhul Hijjah
[ Part 5]
Comprehend the power and magnitude of one sajdah....

Most Beloved days for Allah - Dhul Hijjah
[ Part 4]

Most Beloved days for Allah - Dhul Hijjah
[ Part 3]

Most Beloved days for Allah - Dhul Hijjah
[ Part 2]

Most Beloved days for Allah - Dhul Hijjah
[Part 1]

My Travel, A Reflection[Part 2]
Today majority are in the state of Ghaflah [heedlessness]

My Travel, A Reflection [Part 1]
Today majority are in the state of Ghaflah [heedlessness]

Belief in the Power of Allah swt

Qadr is part of our Imaan Quran Chapter 52, Verse 48

Power of Salah Alan Nabi [Darood]

If you have Trust in Allah you have nothing to worry about...
Story about a tyrant King

Be responsible of what you say
ONE WORD can elevate you,
ONE WORD can disgrace you...
99% Wisdom is in being Silent

I am packing my Bag, nobody will pack it for me

If you have a Museebah, remember the calamity of Death

Meeting with a beloved Brother

Diseases of the Heart

Jewels of the Tabiin
Said Bin Al Musayyab

What our eyes see is a Lie... What Allah promised is a Truth

Quran Chapter 68 Verse 50 How do I know that Allah has chosen me?[contd]

Quran Chapter 68 Verse 50 How do I know that Allah has chosen me?

Quran Chapter 59 Verse 19 [contd]

Quran Chapter 59 Verse 19
And be not like those who forgot Allah (i.e. became disobedient to Allah) and He caused them to forget their ownselves, (let them to forget to do righteous deeds). Those are the Fasiqun (rebellious, disobedient to Allah).

Salah Alan Nabi [Darood]
Increase Salah Alan Nabi, Allah will take care of your affairs

Surah Ar Rahman [Quran Chapter 55]
The only chapter to carry the Name of Allah
The owner of Rahma, the one who distributes Rahma to everybody in mankind and the creation of Allah

May Allah swt make us somebody in this Life and the Hereafter
May Allah swt make us famous in the Kingdom of Allah
Story of Ubay Ibn Kaab RA...

Quran Chapter Al Jathiya Verse 35
How can Shaytan decorate and manipulate the truth?...Contd....
Decoration is something fake...

How can Shaytan decorate and manipulate the truth?
Decoration is something fake...

Trust in Allah [Part 15]
If you get to know Allah swt, you will trust in Him

Trust in Allah [Part 14]
Our life is full of uncertainty
We trust someone who we believe in
Trust in Allah vs. Trust in what you accumulate

Not everyone who makes Salah is really making Salah
Humble yourself to Allah swt

Trust in Allah [Part 13]
Power of Tranquility within
Be careful about bad gesture and thinking bad about people

Arguing is a disease, its weakness
Dont Argue, Don't try to win a conversation by Arguing
Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "I guarantee a house in Jannah for one who gives up arguing, even if he is in the right "

Love and Happiness
What do you want to choose?

What is beloved to you, spending for the cause of Allah or Duniya and worldly life?
May Allah swt save us from Hypocrisy
Read the below verses
Chap 45 v23, v34, v35
Chap 46 v13-15
Chap 47 v22-30, v36-38

Hajj and the Lessons to be learnt from Hajj... Part2..
The time of Love, Sacrifice, Belief and Trust in Allah

Hajj and the Lessons to be learnt from Hajj... Part1..
The time of Love, Sacrifice, Belief and Trust in Allah
Nothing exalted and precious more than Hajj

How sometimes students listen to the Shaikh in their way and misunderstand the message...
The Thief who feared Allah

Be Just even against yourself, Allah is Just, He loves Justice
Story about Samarqhand
Story about Al Hasan Al Basri following a Janaza

Quran Chapter 11 Verse 6
Quran Chapter 45 Verse 2
Quran Chapter 10 Verse 107
Quran Chapter 6 Verse 17

Why I cannot rise up from my weakness...continued...

Why I cannot rise up from my weakness, why am I not serious about myself, why am I still stuck in my drama, why am I not strong enough, why Allah does not change condition? Why am I not growing up? Why?
The Constitution of change in Quran

How do we remember the deceased?

Which one comes first, Motivation, Goal, Purpose, Vision, Belief?
Story of an Arabic Immigrant...
Dont judge people...
What legacy am i leaving?

Trust in Allah [Part 12] The Constitution of change
Chapter 13 Verse 11
Chapter 8 Verse 53

Story about the man who had the biggest janaza in the history of mankind

Utilising the time wisely
Niyyah is more important than the good deeds

Trust in Allah [Part 11] The Constitution of change
Chapter 13 Verse 11
Chapter 8 Verse 53
- Story about two Lions
- Story about the Elephant
- How to train animals to become passive

Trust in Allah [Part 10] The Constitution of change
Chapter 13 Verse 11
Chapter 8 Verse 53
-Story about a King who loved to travel
-Invention of Slipper
-Story about the Eagle

Trust in Allah [Part 9]
Betrayal of the Amaanah
Generosity and Kindness The Constitution of changing

Trust in Allah [Part 8]
The Constitution of changing condition...
Chapter 13 Verse 11
Chapter 8 Verse 53

Trust in Allah [Part 7]
What will happen if you do not trust?

What circumstances will make you to lose Dignity?
Who is an ignorant?

Trust in Allah [Part 6]

Trust in Allah [Part 5]
Great Muslim woman Umm Sulaym bint Milhan RA

Trust in Allah [Part 4]

Whoever does not care about the condition of the Ummah is not among us... GAZA documentary

What is the best way to help all the Muslims who are being oppressed? Is it by supporting dawa? Giving money to the different organizations that are supporting them? Where would be the most impact? Which projects are the best in the sight of Allah?

Trust in Allah [Part 3]

Trust in Allah [Part 2]

Trust in Allah [Part 1]

The importance of Dawah to Allah

Wisdom from Surah Luqman
Quran Chapter 31

Does the Munafiq (hypocrite) know that he is a Munafiq?
YES....but Allah will not allow him to admit it.

How do I know whether I am a hypocrite or not? What are the signs of a Hypocrite?

What is the importance of Noor(Light), in your life? If you have no Light..how can you lead this life?
What is Noor?
Noor is the status of Guidance, when Allah allows you to see, comprehend and reflect quran.com/24

What will happen if the whisper of Shaitan and Duniya, material life take me for a ride?

Who am I? Why am I here? Why have I been created?
Did I create myself or who created me? And the one who created me, what does he want from me?
What is my goal, purpose in life?

You may say a word, that Allah swt may elevate you and be pleased with you
and You may say a word that may lead you to disgrace and punishment...

How can I value the message about death in front of me..a relative, a friend?
What Allah swt wants from me when I hear about Death or when I see someone ill or even myself?

We are so busy in our status quo that we forget death

Dua for Sister Firdouse and a Message for us

Are we living in hypocrisy and darkness?

Dignity Vs. Disgrace

Oh Allah Grant Me Your Love,
And Make Me Love Those Who Love You,
And The Deeds Beloved to You Ya Allah!

Am I Living A Life Of Drama?
Am I Vigilant & Alert, Or I Just Go By The Flow?
Reflect Over Yourself And Not On Others!
Do I Have A Goal To Achieve?

Read Quran Critically, Allow Quran To Answer Your Questions.

Read this book, And I Promise You it will change your life 100%!
It Will Make Us Understand What Is The Message?
To Be A Muslim by Fathi Yakan.pdf

How Allah swt is so wise!

Imaan, Duniya

Ikhlas - Sincerity

We are an Ummah having, 100s of leaders!
Surah An'am Verse 116 - 117

It's not the controversy of the Moon, the topic is of ikhlas, niyyah and Which decision you took & why?

We Are Coming Now To The Final 2-3 Nights Of Ramadan!
A Small Home Work For You...!
1. Verse 1 - Till Allah swt Talks About Musa (AS); Chap 20 Taha
2. Verse 2, 13 - End; Chap 64; At-Taghabun
3. Verse 8 - 12; Chap 65 At-Talaq
4. Verse 9 - 11; Chap 63 Al-Munafiqun

Taraweeha From Meaningful Recitation With A Message
To A Beautiful Recitation Only!

Very Soon The Open Buffet Will Be Closed!

We Are The Ummah Of Collective Action!

Q: Are We Really Following Islam, Or Are We Following Just Ourselves?
The Majority Of Us, Are Muslims By Name, But Our Life Is Full Of Shirk & Kufr!

Understanding Afw..: Are We Going To Enter Jannah With Our Good Deeds? No...

I Am Nothing, Without...

Are We Not Supposed To Support Eachother, To Go To Allah?

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