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Urgent Message

An Urgent Message!



If You Have Looked,
Read, Watched And Listened
To What Our Website Has To Offer
You Might Say...

What kind of a message is this?

What sort of phrasing is this?

It is too excessive, too tough, and impolite...

If you think this way, ask yourself which one is tougher; what you are hearing and reading from me or all the Signs which are happening around you everyday?

Death, Hurricanes, Earthquakes,
Volcanoes, Floods, Tsunamis, Typhoons,
Hunger, Diseases, Killings,
Bombings, Fires, Villages Being Swallowed...

And Finally The Inevitable
Will Take Place... We Will Soon Be On Our
Journey Of Death, Journey
Of The Soul And The Day Of Judgment Ending
With Either Hellfire Or Paradise

You must know Muslim readers and non-Muslims readers that our message compared to the truth, compared to the reality and compared to what is coming is NOTHING!

Soft Like Ice cream

Sometimes medications taste sour or uncomfortable once consumed and furthermore it has its side effects, but the main thing is the result; the cure.

If You Understand
The Message And The Reality
Of The Message You Will Find That
The Wordings Of Da'ee Ahmed Moait Are So
Sweet And Soft Like Ice Cream…

If you understand the message, the reality of the message and if you just go and study the journey of death and the journey of the soul, you will see that our responsibility as Muslims is so great to ourselves and towards mankind.

Do Yourself A Favour

O Non-muslims!
Your Responsibility Is The Same Too...
It Is To Save Yourself
From The Hellfire!

We are supposed to prepare ourselves for the journey after death…

Paradise Is Not Cheap
And Hellfire Is Not Easy!

Do yourself a favor, the biggest one in your life, question yourself a thousand times before you make any hasty decisions. You will be the ultimate winner in this life and the hereafter.

Daee Ahmed Moait

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