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Recent User Comments

Assalam aleikum, Jazkum Allahu khairan for the wonderful thoughtful articles. Masha Allah may Allah SWT put Baraka in every word, every sentence and let it reach the hearts of all those who are desperate to hear The Message. The Message IS THE CURE to this sad sick cycle of humanity. May Allah make your work to be the Key to lift oppression on earth, one layer at a time until humanity can at last see and breathe. Al Hamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen.

GREEEEAT Work Done ! May Allah bless you you are doing really very great work keep it up.
Please remember in your dua's
Brother | india

Asak Brother, Mashallah. I liked this article a lot. It explains many of present day maladies, the mess we r in, the disgrace we face today- individual and collective. Sister Bangalore.

Brother, your website looks very good!
I like the new features you are adding. I have benefited tremendously from your talks. I look forward to your names of Allah (sbut) series. The introductory series has many, many benefits. May Allah (sbut) guard, protect and open for you more and more... amin... :) - Sister In Islam

I have been closely watching your sessions on How to gain victory within. I must say they are very detailed and explains what to do step by step. I am trying to follow them and learn so that I can carry the message to others - Sister In Islam

Assalam Aleikum and may Allah SWT Bless your work with His Mighty Acceptance and Opening.
Insha Allah the day will come when theses series of articles will be a must-read for Muslims of generations to come until this Knowledge becomes common Knowledge as it should be. May Allah SWT make your work the Key to free us from the chain of shackles and a Light for the Ummah to guide us out of the darkness that has prevailed us for too long. May Allah SWT accept all of you involved in this and grant you Taufeeq, ameen. Masha Allah Alhamdulillah. Wasalam aleikum.

Aslamalaykom the article the happiest person really helped me. I know all these things and have come a long way, but when sadness touches you as a human being you start to feel sad again. Jazakallah this has lifted me up and put me back on my path.

Alhumdulilah 2 Years After Receiving This Site Allah Opened My Eyes And I Started Listening To The Audio Library. Alhumdulilah I Listened To The Shahadah Recording And Realized That I Never Learned How To Love And Put Allah Before All Things. I Knew The Words Very Well, But When Put Into Perspective Allah Opened My Eyes To See That He Comes Before All Things. Meaning That Before I Worried About My Kids, My Family, My Financial Situation I Had To Worry About Allah. These So Called Problems I Faced Were Only Tests Form My Creator Allah SWT And I Will Continue To Face Them In This Lifeā€¦ Sister In Islam




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