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-A man takes care and preserves his health, his health is his future. The driving force for everything he has. You have health, you can do anything. You have no health, you cannot do anything.

-A man has to accumulate knowledge; useful knowledge. The one that can enable him to grow spiritually, a way of life, a mean to be, a way to earn, a way to benefit himself and others. According to a man’s knowledge he can be, he will be an achiever, strong, able to be a driving force, internal and external. A benefit for himself and others.

-Building character and manners, driven by the constitution of his own principle, the one it will give him the character, the manner, the personality, it can be effective, useful to him and others. The one it will enable him to deal with different issues in life. It acts and becomes the constitution of you, you manage it and it manages you. You are the manager of yourself and others.

These are the three most important elements of a successful man.

Note: A man has to make sure what knowledge he acquires, for what purpose, what goal and to make sure the integrity and the authenticity of this knowledge, to make sure it is a real knowledge. Real knowledge equals to a real a man.

A man acquires knowledge in a systematic way, one by one to make him develop himself and to achieve his goal. A man cannot be a dreamer, cannot be a liar. A man cannot be fake. A man cannot be arrogant, jumping from one place to another without seeking knowledge step by step, follow up step by step and acquire it step by step, by step by step living it until he becomes the carrier of this knowledge inside out. He has it, he means it, he needs it, he believes it, and he lives by it. HE IS REAL.

A man keeps growing and is elevated with the knowledge he acquires. Every time he gains new knowledge, beneficial knowledge, better and valuable than what he has and what he knows. He drops immediately the bad knowledge or the corrupted knowledge or the misconception or the understanding about an issue in life and he will embrace and adopt the new knowledge immediately, because he is a man. He wants to develop himself, he wants to grow, he wants to be. He values the knowledge and he knows he is equal to the knowledge he earns. Money can be spent or lost; knowledge can never be wasted or lost. The more you spend from your knowledge, it benefits others, it makes you stronger, it makes you somebody and it makes you a man.

This is his manhood and this is his future. This is his name. This is his character. This is his achievement. He always asks questions. He always acquires knowledge. He always verifies his knowledge before.

Knowledge for a man is a wakeup call, his future, his strength and his ability to be. All these wordings are only for the humble human being who wants to be a man and nobody can stop you from being one except your arrogance, misconceptions or blaming others or living in the galaxy of illusions, not in the real world.

You need a base and a pillar to build. Are you going for windows without pillar and no base, or you are going step by step; digging in; building foundation, saving the pillar and for the building to rise. These words are the keys of success for a man to be successful.

Questions need answers. If you humble yourself you will know. If you are arrogant you will never know. If you are a man or you want to be one or you are willing to be one, ask yourself a question. What benefit of this word I gain? What are the steps I plan to take?

What is the system of knowledge you use? Be truthful to yourself, be honest to yourself. A man, his ears like a radar detector. His heart like a library. His aims like a rocket. He tries to grab every opportunity to accumulate knowledge and he makes sure to put it in the right place and in a right order. Because in the right time he will be able to retrieve it, to use it, to benefit from it. A man is a thinker. He thinks about the knowledge he gains and first of all he tries to correct himself to achieve a systematic way of gaining knowledge because he is real, he has a goal to achieve; inside and outside. He does not skip any opportunity. Time is his bank account. He tries to save it, guard it and accumulate the maximum credit of knowledge in his account. The first stage of success is to be a true listener, a true learner and a true speaker.

A lot of knowledge you can gain and will take a lot of time to be manifested inside you but a man will never lose time or opportunity of seeking knowledge or asking questions. He is a man. He is wise. He will be the one.

What is the best knowledge I need now? What is the most important knowledge I need now to clean up the mess inside me and to develop a real awareness and constitution of who am I?

Where am I going? What is the purpose of me being here? what is the purpose of my goal in life? What I try to achieve? These are the foundations without which you are not going anywhere. Nobody can answer it for you. It has to be driven from within. Nobody can teach it to you. Nobody can force it on you if you are not going to be eager, desire, want to be. Nobody can make up.

If you reflect over what you read or what you heard, I promise you will find the answer.

A man seeks knowledge, the arrogant liar always assumes

There is a huge difference between accumulating knowledge and accumulating assumptions. Accumulating knowledge equals success. Accumulating assumptions equals blindness, foolishness, and it equals to loss. To be or not to be!What you waiting for?

Bad news; very bad news. The arrogant never learns even from his own mistakes. The humble always learns even if he is right. Ask yourself; who am I? And where am I going? And Why? By the way these words will help you only if you want to be helped. By the way I always use the word ‘gain’. Huge difference between gain and listening. A man listens attentively with a goal, he is serious and he is a seeker. A fool is a liar and cannot even listen.

Why a person drifts and cannot listen? Because he feels it is not important. Listening and an honest listening is one of the most important elements of seeking knowledge. It is not the issue or the topic. It is what you hear and why you are hearing. For what purpose are you hearing? A man is alert and always seeks good knowledge to hear. He is not satisfied, he wants to gain. And when he listens, he listens with an intention to hear, to memorize, to benefit, to grow and to be. And this has no end. This is the useful knowledge; this is what I call it as ‘gain’. Something you hear, give priority to it, you value it and you want to put it in practice, ponder, inculcate, manifest, guard, save, think and reflect.

Willingness to change, desire to change has an iron fist. Desire to be is the only way. Can I forget? Can I drift? Can I erase? Can I slide? Can I forget? Yes, I can, if I don’t want to be. What happens if I have no respect to listen, no respect for speaker and no respect for the knowledge? If you respect, you listen.

Can I come to a conclusion? Can I come to an end and stop the road to my own destruction by ignoring and disrespecting my life experience and knowledge? Or can I come to a conclusion once and for all and say enough is enough and be a man?

Making mistakes is a bad habit but making major mistakes is not a big deal. But the big deal is to continue it and not willing to make a U-turn by yourself and to start afresh your life, change course and go forward and learn from your mistakes and grow with your own mistakes; to enhance, to strengthen and to say enough is enough and correct yourself. Everything we say, we can summarize it in only two words…

A successful man is humble and is a seeker. An arrogant man always makes believe and is not willing to seek; he is a fool.

Take it seriously, I promise you it will benefit you a lot. For those of you who want a new chapter in your life, a new vision, a successful life in this life and hereafter. Do you care about yourself? Do you care about your future? Do you care about your name? Do you care about spending your time and with whom you spend it? For what purpose and for what goal? Do you care about yourself?

A man cares about himself. The loser, the fool, does not care about himself. One has a future and one has not. After all what you have heard, do you care? Are you serious? What are you planning to do next? What you planning to do about what you heard?

Steps only you can make if you care? Where are you? Are you sleeping or are you going to your own shell? Is this wording wake you up and give you zeal and a power to be? Or are you a coward and cannot face reality and you have no will to be? A man always has a will against all odds, no complaints, even against his weakness and lack of means. It does not mean anything. He is a man; He is above all of the above. His will and his determination gives him the power and the certainty to be. No weakness, no blaming, no sleeping, no drifting and no forgetting. He is full of power which is coming from his own will and determination to be. He is a man. Are you one?

A man always tries to give his best effort; his maximum effort. Even if he cannot achieve outside, he achieves inside. He knows and he gives it his best. Clean up the mess and have a systematic reflection to come to a conclusion, the final chapter to go up or to go down. There is no middle. A man goes up to his destiny, destiny of success. The liar loses time and he does not value opportunities. The whole thing is about values. If I value myself, my name, my future, if I value to be, I will be. Can I be quiet thinking? I am thinking and I am drifting. Not asking questions and not seeking knowledge. Can I make believe? What means to make belief? It is a fake meaning. I am not a man and I go back to the beginning and read it again and again.

A man is a developer and he develops himself block by block, cement after cement; to concrete the castle of his achievements of knowledge and personality. Who is he? He is the king of the castle, very powerful in controlling his knowledge, his wealth, his determination and his achievements under the banner of an honest seeker of knowledge.

Can anybody stop me? Can I allow anybody to stop me? Can I call it bad habits, desire and stupidity? Or I do not have it. Can you say that? Do you have excuses? If you have mental disability or handicap; even these people have a lot of achievements. After all what you heard, do you have an excuse? Except that you are lazy and your heart is full of lies and fake dreams that have no base. This is the recipe of disaster. Do not blame anyone except yourself. Don’t ever say, he did it; she did it, or my means or my ability. If a man wants to be, no one can stop him even if he is paralyzed.

I saw a man three years ago completely paralyzed except his lips. He decided by himself to make a soft ball to act like a navigator for the keyboard and to design and program very sophisticated animation movie and other programs too.

Do you find a man completely blind and you sit down with him and gain all his knowledge? I can go on and on. Do you have any excuse?

There was a girl three years old and she had a leg completely cut. She was determined until she became world champion in running, biking, and swimming. There was a man who climbed the highest mountain and his toes were frozen. They cut it but he again tried to climb. This time his legs were frozen and they cut it. He put artificial legs six years later and he completed climbing.

The failure, the weakness and the defeat is not outside of what you have but you have it inside of you. The moment you conquer your own defeat and weakness and make a U- turn of climbing the mountain of success, nobody can stop you. And if you are a Muslim, or call yourself a Muslim or you have a dot of iman or faith; you have all the power of Allah, you have the keys of all the means from Allah SWT.

How I can call myself a Muslim? How I can call myself a believer? How I can call myself the owner of faith? If I believe in Allah, The Almighty; Can I be defeated? Only if I have no faith and it is a part of shirk and association of someone with Allah SWT.

A humble person believes in Allah’s ability and Allah’s will and his might and quality is enough to change me. If I lack faith and I believe in shaitan, the owner of poverty, defeat, cowardliness, doubt and bad quality, I will be defeated and even do not blame anybody.

If you have Allah on your side and in your heart, how can you be defeated for a moment? How can you be weak and despaired? How you cannot have power? No way. No way can a Muslim talk like that because if you are a Muslim you believe in Allah SWT and Allah is with you. You have all the means, wealth, power, might and you have the keys and you can gain them anytime with honest request, du’a and sincere intention. He will give you 100%. Are you calling? Are you begging to Allah to give you? Are you showing Allah SWT the honest steps; to be? You only have two steps; one going up to Allah in the journey of iman, to the success in this life and the hereafter or going down with shaitan with the journey of defeat and hellfire, doubt, uncertainty, cowardliness, paralysis and despair; which all come from one source, the shaitan the devil. You have complete freedom on it. Go up or go down and you are accountable to choose which one. It is up to you which one you choose.

Your power, your quality and your achievement; who you are? Your strength, your ability and the ultimate success are only in the hand of the Creator [Allah SWT]. He can change you from weak to strong, from defeated to victories, from nobody to somebody. Everything is in His hand. I achieve the success in this life and hereafter according to how much faith I have in the Creator [Allah SWT].

We need an honest effort, struggle towards Allah SWT. He will switch all my conditions to success, and give me harmony in this life and the hereafter. He will change my fault, weakness, bad habits to best quality, to a man shinning and benefiting myself and others. I am the believer; I am with Allah SWT, towards the power. I can’t be defeated; I will never be defeated. If I pray to Allah SWT to be, He will allow me to be. If I see no change, it means no sign of faith or extremely low faith in Allah SWT. The achiever builds a mountain and in his eyes it is like a needle. The liar and the loser achieve a needle head and in his eyes it is a mountain of achievement.

Now ask yourself and be careful. Shaitan makes you despair.
A momin [believer] never despairs.


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