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What Is A Fake Feeling All About??

The fake feeling has no any result, cannot generate happiness, cannot generate success and cannot generate a meaningful result internal or external.

And apply what I am saying physically, emotionally, mentally and even sexually, because this is Fake! Meaning the result is a fake result. What it means, NO RESULT!

You will never succeed in anything unless you are Real! Now let us go to the other side...


Real feeling gives you a high level of desire, this generates high level of energy in "Zeal", "A Want" "A Must" to do or to be. Meaning, now I want to translate this feeling and desire into an ACTION. Because this is Real, it generates a volcano of power, pressure towards outside "To Be". To express this feeling, and to put it into practice.

For example: You find a man has diabetes and his fridge full of sugar, sweets and he cannot stop to fulfill his desire of eating sweet even if it will kill him.This principle of the power of feeling can be translated into a positive effect or negative effect.

Awareness, Awakeness, Responsibility of time and place. Give me a high level of consideration to myself to my desire to achieve my desire.


A desire or a feeling think about it as an internal goal generated by massive amount of thinking in short time multiplied over and over again. All this massive thinking about a topic or an issue is what generates the feeling, the desire, and the want to do.

This is why if you do not have a Real feeling the sign of that is, you are a LIAR.

  • You do not mean it.
  • You are not serious.
  • You are a failure, or
  • You can be a dreamer and a dreamer is a Liar. He tries to make belief. He always has goals, hopes, different feelings to achieve but he never proceeds. He never continues anything and he never accomplishes anything.
Comparison Between People With A Real And Fake Feeling

His mistake and his behavior is the same, No change, because he is not a thinker. He does not realize or analyze his own activities. What it means? From the beginning he is not Real, He is Fake! By the way, the fake person is a loser, unhappy, unstable, no confidence, empty, ignorant, arrogant because he never questions things. He never wants to correct or make an effect of correction. You meet him after 1 day, 1 month, one year or 10 years, same talk with empty substances, No result, No change and Nothing.

On the other hand, the man or person with real feeling always struggles. Always in a state of change. And every time you meet the person something is new. In every aspect he always tries. Always struggles and he believes he is not doing enough and he even did not start.

On the other hand, the fake feeling, deep inside he believes he is an achiever; he gives himself big numbers, big results and all fake, it is only internal, but external is nothing, hollow, empty and no future!

Who Am I?

Which one of this description fits me? Where I go from here? Can I change? Is there any hope for me?

Questions Needs Answers...

Bad news!!!!

Only the one with real feeling will benefit from this question.

The other person whatever how much he knows he takes and leakages it, he throws it away. It is not important to him. He is living in his own dreams. He does not feel anything wrong or even if he knows, he cannot do it. He is wasted, he is defeated, No hope, No goal, No sense of direction.

The ultimate Bad News...

Hypocrite Versus Mu'min

This is the Hypocrite versus Momin. A Momin is, Never Defeated!!! Never despairs!!! Never weak!!! Never gives up!!! Never a Dreamer!!! He is a Momin, Real!!!

The hypocrite is the opposite of this. Just opposite of everything I said and now again who am I?

Stop, reflect and think you will find the answer...Only if you are the lucky one!!!

By the way the fake person always assumes. A real person is always sure.

The fake person always blames others. The real person always blames himself.

The person with fake feelings always develops internal excuses and escapes to satisfy himself.

The real person always Reflects, blames himself, asks questions and he is eager and wants to change and he changes so fast.

The fake person has no communication, living in his own wonderland, this is why he is always assuming everything. The real person always communicates, respects, shares and tries to give and shares with others. The one with fake feelings is selfish, always thinks about himself lives in his own shell and he never realizes, this is the ultimate blindness.

On the other hand, the one who has real feelings always cares and wants to give. He is generous, kind, compassionate and full of feelings. The one with real feeling he affects people, himself and society. He always spreads good and positive feelings.



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