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Provision Of The Hereafter

Provision Of The Hereafter

  1. Introduction
  2. Question Needs Answer
  3. Marriage For The Sake Of Allah
  4. Our Relationship - Real Or Fake?
  5. What Is The Real Love?
  6. Conclusion
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  8. Introduction

    What Is Rizq(Provision) And The Relationship Between Rizq And Allah's Love And The Love Of Us To Allah And The Love Of Each Other For Allah?

    The Real Love Is The Love Allah Has For Us, Shares With Us, And Has Provided To Us.

    So The Real Teacher Of Love
    And The Real Example Of True Love,
    Can Be Derived From The Example Of The Love
    Allah Has To Whomsoever He Loves,The Sign Of His Love,
    What He Expects Of Whom He Loves,
    The Sign Of His Love To A Servant,
    And The Sign Of A Servant Loving Him.

    Allah (SWT) is the owner of all qualities. We as muslims are supposed to learn his qualities and attributes and try to imitate them. This is a sign of belief, respect, and engagement in a relationship of love.

    Allah (Swt) Introduces Us
    To The Real And The Highest Meaning Of All Qualities
    Meaning, Our Role Model Should Be Allah
    And After That His Prophet (Saw)
    The One Who Was Given To Us By Allah,
    The Perfect Quality Of A Human Being
    As A Role Model For Us...

    This Love is a love without obsession, ownership, without waiting to take, without limitation, revenge or anger and in times of heedlessness, neglection, fault, or even committing a wrong against whomever you love.

    A love without any boundary,A love that is infinite, A love that starts, continues, grows, and it can benefit us and lead us to the ultimate love; The highest and final ending, the final abode for the righteos(paradise) and the happiness forever; The pleasure of Allah.

    The Journey Of Love Starts With Very Small Steps
    And Allah Swt Takes It, Grows It, Develops It,
    Strengthens It, And He Enhances It
    To Allow Us To Reach The Love
    Beloved To Him...

    Now look at this journey of love,the style of love that Allah shows us, showers us and educates us with, versus the style of love we claim we have for one another.
    Important note:

    Do You Not Consider
    The Love Of Allah As A Provision?
    And Which Provision Is That?
    Is It The Lowly Provision(Sufli)
    Or The High Provision(U'lwi)?

    Actually This Is The Highest Provision You Can Get!

    Question Needs Answer...

    In the middle of everyday, running after The low sufli provision, do we think about aspiring or desiring or making effort for the high provision?

    Do We Try To Gain The Quality Of Allah,
    To Share This Quality, To Live This Quality
    And Spread This Quality?
    This Is The Job Of Messengers And Prophets!!

    Why do we lack so many qualities nowadays?

    We are busy running after the low provisions and neglect the high provision. We are running and we care about insignificant qualities. Quality of food, shelter, material life in general, until we reach the bankruptcy of real quality, the high quality, the U'lwi quality. The quality of Allah, that which he loves, and that which has been given to us, for us to be a role model. The quality of our beloved prophet (SAW).

    Now Let Us Go Through An Example..
    A Real Beautiful Example!
    It Can Change And Shape The Future Of Us,
    Our Family, The Ummah Of Rasool (SAW) And Mankind...

    It Can Change Our Future Now, In The Grave, In The Legacy We Leave Behind After Death. It Is Our Final Chapter And The Final Residence Of Our Soul, Which Is Either Paradise Or Hellfire...

    What We Are About To Talk Of
    Will Lead Us Not Only To Paradise
    But To The Highest Destination...
    A Majority Of The Young Generation Is So Confused,
    Both The Parents And The Children.
    And That Is To Do With The Topic Of Marriage!!

    Is not marriage a provision and a part of your destiny? Is marriage considered to be a low provision or a high provision? If you ask me it is both high and low.

    If You Choose A Husband
    Or A Wife For Beauty, Material Status,
    Worldly Gains, Worldly Success And A Show..


    This is the low provision which can harm you in this life and the hereafter and will produce a disgrace and downfall to you, to islam, to mankind and on the day of judgment.

    Marriage For The Sake Of Allah

    Imagine what would happen if we chose a husband or a wife according to the love of Allah, the love of Rasoolullah (S.a.w), the love of Islam, the pleasure of Allah,the elevation of the future of Islam, and that which can support us in the journey of Iman and lead us to a journey of high provision.

    The elevation of us and Islam. The journey of loving Allah, the journey to be a role model, living the quality of Allah and leave it as a legacy.

    What Do You Think Now?
    Would You Choose A Husband Or A Wife For Sabeelallah,
    For The Love The Of Allah?
    Would You Take The Relationship For The Same
    And Experience And Exercise The Journey
    Of Giving And Not Taking?

    What do you think? What do you want? Do you want a child beloved to Allah and blessed by Allah? Do you want a relationship that can honor you in this life and in the hereafter? Do you want to die leaving a child carrying the noble message you started?

    What Do You Think?
    Do You See What The Love Of Allah Can Produce
    And What The Quality Can, And Will Produce?
    Do You See? Do You Feel?
    Do You Want? Do You Desire To Go On A Journey
    Of The Highest Provision
    Of Allah On Earth And In The Hereafter?

    Do you see? Think and try and conclude. Try to develop the thinking and the realization about which rizq (provision) I am seeking,I desire,am trying to achieve, gain it and am eager to live it.

    Our Relationship - Real Or Fake?

    Let me show you something that hurts me and makes me sad. Something that should not happen but a lot of times and infact most of the time it happens even though it never should. This is just a small tiny example, but it contains a lot of meaning and it will let you know where you are and if our love is real or fake.

    I Love You As A Brother Or A Sister For Islam.
    We Meet Each Other After Sometime...
    And One Of Us Has Gained
    A Successful Provision Of Either Material Life
    Or Has Gained A Successful Activity Of High Provision.

    BAD NEWS...

    Most Of The Time In My Life,
    People Who Claim They Love Me For Allah,
    Whenever They See Me Succeed In Any Goodness,
    I Get From Them Silence And Sometimes They Go Away
    And Will Not Talk To Me For A Long Time.


    Do You Know What It Means?

    It means that my success in my material life or my gaining some good quality or even involved in doing beautiful good deeds for Sabeelillah (meaning high provision) hurts them.

    They Feel Upset And Jealous
    To The Point That I Can See It!!
    From Their Behavior And Their Silence
    Which Generates A Volcano Of Anger
    Hidden Inside Their Chest Against My Success.
    They Start Talking Behind My Back About A Fault
    Or Generate Rumors Just To Satisfy Themselves!

    How Would You Feel? Would You Do The Same?
    What If I Love You Or You Love Me And We Exercise A Real Love Relationship For Allah, By Allah, Towards Allah For The Benefit Of Islam And Mankind Or Even Just Basic Love Between Two People. I Am Talking About Love Of Goodness Or Love Of Allah.

    What Is The Real Love?

    1. If I have any good news about you or if I see any goodness coming to you, I should be very happy, full of joy for you even if I gain nothing of what you have.

    2. This feeling will be reflected on my face, my smile and my du'a for you or by any means possible. I am full of joy.
    I would love you and would want complete goodness for you even if this goodness makes you reach a higher place in Jannah (Paradise) above me and higher than me.

    3. I would ask you if I can support you by any means possible for your success.

    4. I would envy you; the beautiful envy the one recommended by Allah wa Rasooluh, The one that makes me want to gain the same quality, to achieve and to be a good role model like you.
    This is recommended,desired and beloved to Allah and his prophet(SAW) which is to imitate each other in goodness for Sabeellilah.

    5. I would spread the good news about you and would ask people to make dua for you. I would love you more and ask Allah to increase his provision and bounty for you.

    Now You Can See That The Real Love
    Generates All Kind Of Beautiful Goodness.
    Quality For Me, For You,
    A Zeal And Desire To Gain Such A Compassion,
    To Share Whomever You Love For The Sake Of Allah,
    To Share This Feeling And To Think And Love
    How I Can Be A Positive Role Model Full Of Love Of Allah.

    Wishing to support my brother or sister in Islam in a journey which will generate a beautiful momentum in my heart which is full of an unstoppable gush of love and giving without any want in return or recognition or calculation or thought for what you are going to give me, doing it purely for Allah's sake, to gain Allah's love, Allah's pleasure and reward from Allah.b

    What Does It Mean?

    It Means That It Makes Me A Pure Giver With A Pure Heart, With A Pure Intention, With A Pure Willingness To Give Or To Share, Or Even To Sacrifice Whatever I Have For Alah(Swt)


    now if a man or woman, a momin or a momina, engages in such a beautiful relationship with this meaning, what kind of relationship can it be? And what do you think the outcome will be? Do you remember me mention the example of marriage? Imagine? What kind of children would you have?

    What kind of happiness
    and pleasure you could gain
    with such a relationship in this life
    and the hereafter and what kind of legacy
    you will leave on the earth before your departure...

    Rizq, Love Of Allah, Marriage, Brotherhood, Sisterhood.

    Daee Ahmed Moait

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