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Question and Answer for every Question and Answer! You must read this and inculcate!


"In Pakistan, India and in the surrounding regions, there is a habit and a custom. Every time they have a situation, they open the Quran with the intention that Allah [SWT] will give them an answer. Is this right?"


According to some scholars, this is a bidah (an innovation) and it is highly not recommended and it is not of the teachings of the Prophet [SAW] or the companions of the Prophet [SAW]. Allah [SWT] wants us to follow the Prophet's teaching which is "To make Dua, to offer two rakah salah through istikhaara (asking Allah) and consultation (mashwara)". Even after doing all this, we will not get the right answer until and unless we are in the state of being an abd (slave of Allah) to Allah.

Today our nafs is high, we have no desire even for good deeds… we lack sincerity and above all we have no knowledge coupled with a low level of Iman which means our vision is not clear or we cannot see. This is because, we are stuck with what we want or what we think is good for us and we have become rebellious… acting like bad children or like a bad child; nasty, angry, not thankful and discontent. We can't see except what we want and this brings us blindness from Allah [SWT], as we don't thank Allah and respect His Qadr (destiny).

For me, I have an experience for the last 20 years of my life or more! When I have a situation or a hardship or a major decision, I go to Allah [SWT] or I read the Quran. But this is my regular reading, meaning I read what I have to read regularly in that particular time of the day and I find the answer. But usually it's not easy… the answer is against my nafs or something of what I do not like!

"But I have surprise for you, a big one! Are you ready?"

But I have surprise for you, a big one! Are you ready? Even if you are ready, what I am going to say now is not going to be easy to take in. Most of the time, the majority of people cannot do it, cannot see and cannot handle the answer. Because we are stuck with what we want and what we think is best for us. We forget what Allah [SWT] tells us over and over again in the Quran, "I know and you do not know"- It is a constitution! I always found the answer in what Allah says in the following words:
  • Come to Me…
  • Trust Me…
  • Believe in Me…
  • Return to Me…
  • Have patience…
  • Rely on Me (tawakkal)…
  • I [Allah swt] know what is good for you… {What is bad for you might be good for you and what is good for you might be bad for you and I [Allah] know and you don't know}
  • Get closer to Me, I [Allah] will take care of you…
  • I'm [Allah] the owner of the universe and of the seen and unseen, past and present and future and I [Allah] have the key of the unseen…
  • I'm [Allah] the king, owner of the dominion…

"Now, do you get the message? "

Surrender to Me, believe in Me, trust in Me, and rely on Me. This is what Allah [SWT] commands us to do here! If we are in a state of being an abd, what could be our problem? We will have none! It is because we will belong to Him [SWT]. He [SWT] is the wise (Al-Hakim) Do we believe in that? Everything is running by His will and Qadr and by whatever He ordains.

"Again, a big surprise, big big big one! Do you think we can do it? "

We need to be a Muslim, a mo'min and in a state of complete surrender and submission to Allah. Only at this moment will we see that our Dua can be accepted and He [SWT] will open for us. We cannot have a plan or choice or timeline for what we want. We have to be a real abd and only then will Allah [SWT] be our Rabb, meaning our guardian and care for us. At this moment, we will have a vision of heart and He [SWT] will inspire us and open for us in ways we never expected.

"Again, a big surprise! But this time, the biggest one. Are you ready?"

The majority of our people can't handle what Allah [SWT] ordains and again we become rebellious. Again, why? It is because it becomes a trial and because we are not a real abd and we don't thank Allah [SWT] and we are not content with what He [SWT] gives us.

And now, a new surprise!

The Sunnah of Allah [SWT] is to snatch what He gives us because of which we become miserable, unhappy and full of complains. This whole thing continues like a cycle because of thanklessness towards Allah. The majority of mankind does not thank Allah. We say it with our lips but our hearts our empty of it.

Are we a smiling, happy and content people? Do we thank Allah [SWT], in our appearances, in our voices; in our talk and most of all do we thank Allah [SWT] in our hearts? Need an answer? If you cannot find the answer, ask yourself…

"Do I complain about Allah’s [SWT] Qadr or do I complain about certain people or a situation? "

Even then, nothing can happen without the will of Allah [SWT]. The Qadr of Allah [SWT] means, if we are normal Muslims, we should always be content and in a state of thanking Allah [SWT] come what may!


"What About opening the Quran and trying to understand where I am?"


This time I will try to make it simple…
Before you read the Quran, Quran reads you!!!

Meaning what is our intention? If we want Allah [SWT] and we also want to work for Allah [SWT] what is our problem? We should be doing the following:

  • Call Him [SWT]
  • Make Dua
  • Struggle to develop ourselves
  • Develop our Iman
  • Develop our manners
  • Develop our belief
  • Be patient and trust Allah!
  • But we cannot dictate, when, where or how it will happen...Will Allah [SWT] open for me? This is not our business! We cannot set an agenda with what we like and what we dislike. We have to accept everything with an open heart and with complete contentment of what Allah wrote for us. Again, this needs a Momin; to completely belong to Allah [SWT], to understand and to comprehend the wisdom, the mercy, the generosity, and the will of Allah.

    This is the journey by itself! And this is the journey of Iman! May Allah [SWT] open our eyes & heart and guide us! Amin! Amin! Amin!


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