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Oh Muslims

Oh Muslims!!!



We Believe Now Is Not The Time To Argue
About Different Opinions
And Different Schools Of Thoughts…

Now is not the time to be in the same web of confusion which the Ummah (Muslim Population) and mankind are falling into…

It Is Not The Time To Try
To Achieve Any Goals According
To Sharia'h (Islamic Law) Because
Unless We Develop Our Faith And The Reality
Of Our Deen (Way Of Life) We Will Never Be Able To
Achieve It In Its True Form...

We want to be able to go to Allah and say:
"O Allah we are trying to spread your Mercy! O Allah, we are trying to avoid being the cause of fitnah (tribulation)."

The Real Message

The reason we embrace this message is because this message does not belong to any group, ideology, hizb, jama'a, a sheikh or anyone else…

This Message Basically Addresses
The Reality
Of Going Back To Allah!

As A First Step May Allah Allow Us To Continue Until We Reach The End By His Will, Tawfeeq (Ability/Permission), Light, Wisdom And Power. Allah Promises Victory To The Believers.

"We Believe We Have To Spread
The Peaceful Message And The Real Message:
The One That Can Offset The Distortion,
The Violence, And The Misunderstandings Of Today"

We believe people have to see, feel, and know the true message of Islam, away from political agendas of violence, terrorism and misconception!


Firstly We Believe People Have To Hear The Message The Way It Is, And Then If Allah The Almighty, The Creator, Showers You With The Truth, Light, Wisdom And Vision, He Will Allow You To Do Whatever Pleases Him.

We Are Not...
An Organization, We Are Not...
Affiliated To Anyone, And We Are Not...
Calling For Anything Except For The Belief
And The Mercy Of The Creator

All we are trying to do, is save mankind (both Muslims and non Muslim) from the torture of the Creator and to bring them to His mercy and pleasure.

Daee Ahmed Moait

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