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My Goal In life



Subhan Allah! Praise Be To Allah Who Is the Rabb Of
All That Exists!Praise Be To Allah Who Is Extremely Merciful,
"Merciful Towards Mankind In Particular."

Allah Knew The Importance Of A Goal In A Human's Life So He Made It Clear In His Glorious Book Al Quran-Al-Hakeem The Goal And Purpose Of The Creation Of Mankind And Jinn "To Worship Their Supreme Lord i.e. Allah [swt]."

Allah did not mention this goal to remind Himself of it,
but he wanted us to take heed from it.And Allah knew that nothing should
come in between this goal and the lives of human beings.

And guess what Allah did to ensure this! Subhan Allah! Praise Be To Allah Who Is the Malik of The Arsh! Our Supreme Sustainer Knew the Greatest Obstacle Which Will Come Across This Path "The Worry of Livelihood" So Allah the Razzaq Made It Compulsory upon Himself "To provide us with provision and sustenance" Allahu Akbar!

Repercussions Of The Absence Of A Goal

Oh Nafs...
Yet You Do Not Have Any Goal! What A Loss Indeed!
We as human beings after our creation on earth have messed up our goals.
We have shown from our actions, "O Allah we do not want your
given goal, but we will create our own goals,
and we will run after them."

Our Goals Have Become Illusions! And Our Lives A Disaster! The Driving Features Of Our Goal Are Desire, Hasad, Envy, Ungratefulness and Greed. The Essence Of Allah's Goal Is Peace And Only Peace "Because Only The Creator Knows The Benefits Of The Created" And The Result Is Lack Of satisfaction!

Men and Women Who Are In Their Prime Time...
Of Their Youth, Beauty And Money Who Are objects Of Envy For
Human Beings Across Races Are Committing Suicide! A Gruesome Reality! Why?What is the result of their fake goals?

They ruined their lives because they earned comforts for their superficial bodies but their souls burned from inside always searching for that Creator's Goal which it did not receive ever! Ya Allah!

I asked some of my muslim friends who were earning
dinars and dirhams what the result of their fake goals were
and after a few round of questions they had to admit that they are missing
out on a goal in their lives and they are not happy!
"May Allah [swt]Give Us Useful Goals."

Today as an individual, male or female, old or young, group or a nation, we forgot our goal, our duty, the noble cause, the Creator chose for us.

When we lost the goal the Creator has chosen for us,
  • We gained the anger of Allah [swt].
  • We lost the victory and support from Allah.
  • We lost the pure vision, the wisdom and the guidance of Allah [swt].

Ultimately we have lost our identity, the core
and the purpose of our existence. We also lost our role in life
to our selves, family, society, and to mankind.

Why? Because of,
  1. The absence of the understanding of the Message.
  2. The heart and the soul is filled with the love of dunya, material life and this in turn generates a hungry nafs.

A Hungry Nafs, A Hungry Soul

A Hungry Soul ...
Is Searching To Accumulate, To Champion Material Life
It Is Full Of Envy, Jealousy, Hate, Stinginess And Greed And It Is Filled With
Diseases Of The Heart!This Results In An Ugly Character Weak,
Unhappy And Unsatisfied, A Soul And Body Ready To
Cause and Spread Mischief Instead Of Curing
Mankind It Causes The Diseases
To Spread In Mankind!

To that we add the feeling of rest and happiness and relaxation about the status quo of our life. Or on the other hand, unhappiness, agony and misery of what we are not able to gain from the material life. And we can see the result all over. We Cannot Achieve Peace Within. Peace with Others Or Peace For Others. "I am so busy with myself, for myself." Or "My family."

An important point to be noted.
Today We call ourselves Muslims, We try to be religious,
We beseech Allah and We try to be a good Muslim, but it is amazing to know
that We return to Allah [swt] so that He would help us in acquiring
a degree, or to look for a job, a house, a wife or a husband,
to bear children or to move overseas and
to make more money!

And it's the same state when we perform umrah/hajj or we worship Allah [swt], we are stuck badly and we beg Allah [swt] to fix us and our material status. And at the end of the list we implore Allah [swt] for Jannah! By this way, We are not going to Allah [swt] to please Allah [swt], to be a true servant, to elevate the deen of Allah [swt] or to work for Allah[swt]. No, But we are trying to reach Allah [swt] for our own selfish material lives.

Questions to ponder over....

How many of us ask Allah [swt] to give us
the character, the quality, the ability, the opening, the victory
to support us to be a good Muslim and elevate the deen of Allah [swt]?
How many of us look at each other's good qualities and try to
compete with the goodness, spreading goodness,
supporting goodness and trying to live
the Message Allah [swt]
chose for us?

How many times do we think of Jannah? The Different Levels In Jannah and the Pleasure of Allah [swt]? What Elevates His Deen And His Name And Spread Guidance on Earth!

If The Answer Is Yes...
Let us ask ourselves how Is our Thinking? Our Feelings, our Decisions?
Our Time, our Money? It Should Be For Sabeelillah.
In The Way of Allah [swt].

Today, I'm shocked when I meet people who claim to be Muslims, when I see the status of their nafs, it is high. The blindness is overwhelming; the angry status becomes the norm. The people become moody. They get angry at petty things - ready to fight and argue over trivial issues.

Why do we, who claim to be muslims allow
our nafs to be high? Because the majority of people are feeding
their souls and nafs with the food from shayateen not
the food from Allah [swt].

To explain the above in detail please watch my video series, "Journey of Imaan" 1 - 11 and "Dawah" 1, 2, 3, and all the sessions in "Journey of Victory Within" and "Introduction to the Names of Allah."

The Need Of The Hour

In other words we need to understand our deen;
our faith. And after we understand it, we need to live it, believe
in it and have a will to sacrifice our life for it. And to hold tight and meet Allah [swt] with this status is something humongous but nevertheless
as muslims we must strive for it. All of the above needs
pure sincerity and truthfulness. And this needs
real iman and comprehension
of the Message.

Very important note: Anyone who hears me now or reads this letter or gets the message - he or she is responsible in front of Allah [swt]. Dont blame anyone. Allah [swt] can elevate this deen with even one person. Allah [swt] does not need money, means or many people. Allah needs an honest sincere heart. Even the result is not our business. It is a taufeeq of Allah [swt] that He gives to us.

The Light Of Allah Is Coming!
With Me Or Without Me! With You Or Without You!
And It Is Up To Us To Choose What Is our Goal In Life?Which Direction
are we Going To Choose? TAKE THE GOAL AWAY... Now we Are In The Journey Of Diving Into The Pool Of Dunya! Very Deep,An Abyss!
It's Actually An Ocean!

By this way, again, Allah gave us a goal. He wants us to live His goal. If we choose that, we will be fine. Dunya and akhirah, and mankind will benefit from it. Otherwise, I'm a loser. You are a loser, and we will cause mankind to lose.

Allah calls us to His goal. Shaytaan and nafs call us to the
journey of defeat and accumulation. A cycle with no end. Each one has to choose. And it has to be one - only one. For the One, the
pleasure of the One - Allah [swt].

An Important Question

An Important Question from Brother Abid Hussain:
I asked my wife a question, "What is your Goal?" Like most of us,
she said that she did not identify with a goal yet. I told her that she should ask Allah [swt] to give her a useful goal? She asked,
"How will I identify the goal given by
Allah [swt] and how do I go
about with it?"

Why don't we have a Goal? It is because of the Lack of knowledge, Emaan and a lack of thinking about the hereafter in general; meaning we are in a state of defeat and weakness. Why? Because of the occupation of Duniya and material life, even if we possess it or not. And also, mankind in general have a lack of identity, self direction and goal.

How do I identify the goal given by Allah[swt]
and how do I go forward with it?

The goal is very simple, which Allah [swt] has already ordained for us;they are:
  1. To live as a slave ('Abd) of Allah [swt].
  2. To establish the deen of Allah [swt] in ourselves, in our families and to establish the deen of Allah [swt] on earth.
  3. To learn, to live the message, to be a role model and try to strive the maximum we can with all our efforts and resources to please Allah [swt].

Note:Someone might ask that Allah [swt] has bestowed
upon them money and wealth, now they need to utilize the
maximum of what Allah [swt] gave them for the cause,
which means for the message.


If Allah [swt] gave us knowledge,
now we have put in our efforts, our time and
ability to spread this knowledge.


The quality of resources, communication
or even personality. Again, are we using the utmost of
our time, efforts, energy, abilities, etc.,
for the same cause?

If we do not have anyone of the above resources!! we need to make Dua for ourselves, "O Allah! Give me the quality and the ability", and we must spend a lot of time remembering Allah [swt] worshipping Him and making Dua for everyone who strives for the cause of Allah [swt]. May Allah [swt] give them Tawfeeq and accept them and we need to make Dua for the Ummah!

Important Note

Brothers and sisters!
There Is No Way In Which We Can Escape The Journey Of Emaan
And Our Duties As Muslims And Human Beings But,
If We Choose To Be That Way.
Because No One Can Say That He Or She Has Nothing In Their Lives.
This Is Not The Quality Of A Momin Or A Mominah.
At Any Moment If We Have Allah [Swt],
And If You Have Allah [Swt] With You, You Have Everything.

Daee Ahmed Moait


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