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just a phone call

Just a question, maybe Ramadan, Islam, Iman, Purpose of Life

“I have a question for you, can you give me the answer?”

If you master this topic you will be a master, and if you do not be a master of this issue, you will be lost and if you be lost you will never be anybody.

One sister call me, she tell me, I met a few new Muslim converts from Germany in one place in Arabic country. I tell her, German woman, the Muslim one, is not like us. They are a thinker, very disciplined, very serious. I said to her, what do you want? She said, I want consulting you about how I benefit myself and benefit them more from our meeting the regular one weekly. I said to her, number one, this people has to respect you, trust you and you have to do the following: do you have a piece of paper and pen? she said, I will go get it.

I said, are you ready? She said I am. I said, Please write everything I will say the maximum I can. She said, ok. I said, number one, ask yourself and them a question, why we meet? What is the purpose of our meeting? What we want to gain from our meeting? What is the goal of our meeting? What we want achieve of our meeting? And end it up with how we develop ikhlas sincerity to gain the pleasure and acceptance of Allah in our meeting?

Are you with me? She said yes. I said similar, let me break it for you. If you go, they go, everybody go, different agenda, different thinking, different thought, different goal, different everything, how we can achieve? How we can benefit? It will not be. She tell me, I want to do something similar to our halakah in the old days because it was very beneficial to me. I said, the first goal in any meeting like that, it has to be under the supervision of somebody elder. He's the one oversee the whole halakah. Even by remote control. Meaning: it should be a consultation before the meeting, during the meeting, after the meeting, to make sure it has consistency in the thought and goal and method. Sister so and so, you are a sweet pastry chef, if you making cakes in the bowl and the bowl has any dirty residue or a bad fragrance or odor, or any substance foreign from the cake, what happen to the cake? It's ruined. Can two people bake one cake? Or three people? Everyone put the measurement, everybody put his own recipe? This is only with us today as called Muslims, because the arrogance and stubbornness and the ego and everyone want be a leader. If one of them get up and she said, I want be the one, I'm the qualified one, this is the one that has to be out. Because meaning she's ignorant, she doesn't have it.

Islamically you do not elect yourself and you do not run after it. It means you are blind arrogant and veiled. But if you have the quality, people see your own quality, people electing you and people push you to have this job, you do not run after it, at all. And even then you will be super careful and you want make sure you go step by step with them for a goal.

Do you hear me? She said yes. Are you with me, she said yes. I said number one, you have to initiate a question and wait for an answer. She asked me why. I reply, if you go back to Qur'an, coming from the Almighty and the Creator, the Owner of Knowledge and Wisdom and we supposed to be the seeker of knowledge and wisdom from Him. What He did to us and to mankind. When the revelation came as a new message to people, how Allah SWT conduct His message to us? He always say, do you know who create the earth? did you look to the trees, did you look to the mountains, did you look to the sky, do you look to yourself.

What it mean? He always ask us question to generate and alert and awareness and awakeness mixed with sometime challenging, which it generate us to think and ponder and contemplate: why? What is the first lesson? If you study biology, psychology, if you have a good teacher in your life, they will teach you, the first stage to be a good teacher, a good speaker, a good writer, a messenger of any thought or any knowledge, the best format: question and answer. It generates a bond, it generate a stage, it generate unity, and now you as the generator of these questions, you have to have it in the first place. I tell her, stop here- we do not have it. We so emotion, so arrogant, we talk according to our naafs, to the point when we engage with people, sometime we forget even the first question, by this way, it's an alert question in here: if I'm the speaker, the leader or any place and I generate questions and I missed the consistency of these question and I do not have discipline internal of a goal to achieve, what is the wisdom?

I reply, I'm still with myself too. Sister so and so, apply this to your own child, the child come to you. What usually we do? We spoil the kids and when they make mistakes, we get hasty, we beat them up, or we screaming at them and we forget the basic, the dialogue. I tell her, If you want to do a beautiful tarrabiyya to your own children you have to generate the questions, not to fix the problem, not to know what happened, you have a bigger goal. The goal is to lead the child to be in the certain stage of knowledge and manner and comprehending. What it mean? The person who ask the questions, he have to have the sequence of doing that. Are you with me so far? We still in the same first question, but we just going together to try to achieve why we have to ask question.

She ask me,what I do after that? I said, don't talk, you have to hear others first to gain and learn where they are. You cannot just keep talking, it's a bad teaching, you ask question, you listen to them, and you ready with an answer. And you have to make sure you have the right sequence again with the right discipline to achieve your thought or your goal.

Now, you so lucky because by engaging in this sequence of questioning and answer, you can learn from it. Just because you asking me you calling me, you humble yourself. Look to the amount of benefit you gain. Apply this to the relationship husband and wife, children, others. By the way- I have a surprise for you, all what I said, you cannot achieve unless you have it internal. And otherwise, every time you talk or you think, it will be from your naafs, your shaitaan. and, you cannot have a sequence, you cannot have a benefit to yourself or other and now, either you will be emotion, angry, arrogant, jealousy, envy, whatever it is. Meaning, just by sharing with you what we talking about you guarding your tongue, you guarding your ear, you guarding your heart, you guarding your brain, your thinking, your soul. Now, you need to be in control over your naafs. And you cannot do so unless you are a Muslim, unless you are a mumin, unless you have a unity with Allah.

She said, 'wow'. I said, believe it or not, what you hearing from me now, if you master it, you will be a master, you will be somebody. If you do not master it, you will be a fool and you will never be anybody. [use of word master] Why? Because if I do not have my own, I cannot achieve. For example, somebody ask you a question, or somebody talking, or you engage in any relationship, if you do not ask why- and you have discipline of why- what is the outcome? Nonsense. And this what we do, we wasting our time, our ear, our tongue, our thought, our heart and all of the above is against us. I tell her, do you remember Rasullullah SAW what he said? He whom believe in Allah SWT and the hereafter, be silent or say goodness- a principle from our beloved Prophet SAW.

By this way, this point I give you, asking question, you have to apply it first internal* and you have to master it. If I talk, I ask myself why. If I hear, I ask myself why, If I do, I ask myself why. Anything it has to be followed by why. After why, I have to ask myself a question, is this for Allah, is this will please Allah, or this coming from where? Excuse me, stop it! Do you know what we talking about? This eman, this Islam, this is fasting, this Ramadan, this manner, this good adhab and akhlaq, this listening- oh, stop it. Let's opposite now... I will not ask why, I'm angry, I'm hasty, I'm emotion, I'm arrogant, and please, open a big huge bank. Fill it with all the ugly manner of the whole earth, it come together.

By this way just by asking why, it can prevent you from your naafs, from your shaytaan, from hellfire, from a bad manner, from being sorry over things you might say and do and regret it. Oh, voila, do you know what we talking about? This a French word, this called wisdom, this called hikma, what it mean? To not talk unless and until you know where it's going, what's the consequences of my talking. What's the result, what is my goal?

And again, take a deep breath, stop for a moment, stop for an hour, stop for a day and think it over. If I do not have what I'm hearing, how I can give it to other. How I can engage in a useful conversation. How I can do dawaah to other. So and so, do you remember when you talk to your father the non-Muslim, how you can give him dawaah? How you can engage in the healthy beneficial conversation, if me the talker do not have a goal to achieve in the end of this conversation? And if I ask your question, how I can follow it up by series of questioning can end up and lead me and you to something either benefit you or benefit me.

Sister so and so, may Allah forgive me, forgive me, and the whole Ummah. Today I see it with people who talking, people who's doing and even people who do lecture. If I do not have a topic a goal, before even I ask the question, what it will be the ending, a mess. By this way, take it from me, what we talking about now is more important than any knowledge. Why? Because in any gathering, if you or more, you want generate what we start with it in the beginning. The unity of thought, the unity of goal. The unity of the heart, and this can lead us to can achieve something. This is the first.

I give you example, apply it especially to your husband, your husband or an elder coming to you, talk to you about something, if I tell you: so and so, you have to do- you might tell me 'no'. I break your ego. But imagine, just by telling you, so and so what do you think about this topic, I am make you thinking with me. and if I give you enough time, maybe you come back and you said, I like to do! You see the difference? Huge difference.

By this way, this tiny piece of knowledge about questioning and always have a ready thought and goal to achieve, this is a base Allah SWT He put it to us in Qur'an. By the way, do you know what Allah SWT do after that? Something that will benefit you all the time. He create us and He know us and He know how we click, how we bond. What is it? In Arabic called tarheed and targhib. What it mean? To warning us and encouraging us, meaning after the questioning, I have to explain to you the warning if you do not listen, and the benefit if you listen.

And according to your soul, either you be scared and you listen or you will be very happy about the gift and the rewarding, and you listen. This is the sunnah of Allah, this is the teaching of Allah and His Prophet too. All the message has to be followed by explanation, followed by the benefit of doing so and the rewarding, and the warning of not doing so and the harm to make us be careful. This is the teaching of Allah, this is the best method. By this way, sister so and so, after I question them and you give silent. If they engage seriously, you can go with the following question. If they do not engage seriously and they start argue with each other about different things, be silent and go. it's no benefit to continue. And again, apply it to your own life in every aspect. This can benefit you with the child, husband and wife, neighbor, everything.

When you look to the life of Rasulullah SAW, when people come to him, they ask him, ya Muhammad, talk to us. They listen first, or he ask them, what you coming for? What do you want? Dialogue*[key between people, why], listening to each other, to generate the first stage, the unity stage and to allow each other to know each other's goal and motivation and what we looking for and also this called Adhab, manner, and respect to other. And also it generate bond and trust by the way, why a person listen to me if he have no trust and respect of me?

And why I engage in a conversation with someone do not asking me. In the old days they used to say, if you give somebody an answer of something he did not ask you, you are a fool. Please make it big, make it a headline***. And if you are a fool, is no benefit from you or to anyone. In the old days the fool used to beat the crazy kids with rocks, beat him up until he get out of the village. Because they said he's a fool, he's so dangerous to himself and society.

O' called Muslims, are we acting with wisdom, or we acting with fool?

If a child do it, we do not like it and we said the child has a bad manner, what about me? A 200lb child. In the old day they used to say, a person with the head and the brain of the bird. Meaning a nucleus of a brain in the head of an elephant, what benefit? I call it in my own terminology, balooza mahalabiya. This is now king english. What is balooza mahalabiya- it's jello and pudding. What it meaning, it's not stable, it's all moving and you never know where it will hit. This not the style of a mu'min. A mumin suppossed to be stable, calm. He's walking with a goal, talking with a goal, doing with a goal.

And what is your goal? To achieve the pleasure of Allah, the rahmah of Allah, the acceptance and blessing of your action.Sister so and so, are you with me? I am with you. Are you writing? Yes, I'm writing. Please, if you miss any things, go back and rewrite it in your own format, and add to it what you gain from it, and please call me back, it's very important.

Imagine you call me for simple question, you humble yourself very tiny and you seek small consultation, sister so and so, what I tell you now it can benefit you in every aspect in your life. and there's no gathering by any group do not follow this instruction and will gain anything. Are you with me? Yes, I'm with you. You still hear me? I am here. She ask me, what to do next? I said, don't ever think about next. If we lose the first question why we want continue*.

Number one, share with them what I tell you, listening to them and according to the outcome, if they serious and they bond, you continue. If they not serious and they do not bond, what the value of doing so? Sister so and so, apply this to your life. Don't volunteer another answer, another question, if the first one did not meet. And otherwise you will be fool. Silent silent fool. Not that the silent is a fool but the fool is the one not to be silent and to engage without no goal, without no thinking, without substance. She took a deep breath and she said, oh, how I achieve that. I said, you already achieve it by asking a question. By learning, seek question, and consultation before action, this will save you, train you, and you can benefit yourself and benefit other and save you from yourself. Do you see the benefit of why, 3 letter save me from the hellfire. This was the constitution of the companion of the prophet SAW. They always ask why before they talk. They always questioning themselves before they do, before they hear, before they move.

You lucky, you super lucky, you call me ask me this question. Do you see sister so and so, the value of humble and humility? When in Islam they say, humble and humility is the door of all goodness and all quality, elevation, closeness to Allah, bounty, wisdom, manner and most of all- Allah will love you, angel will love you, people will love you, and you will be in a higher place in jannah. Oh, let's stop. Let's opposite.

What happen if you do not call- arrogant, assuming, your naafs, your shaytaan, and again, fill it up with a huge barrel full of garbage, manner and conduct lead you to hellfire, and most of all, Allah will hate you (wa lauzubillah) angel will hate you, people will hate you and dislike you. You will never ask why unless you humble and humility, you will never listen to other with compassion and patience without humble and humility. You cannot benefit people without humble and humility- do you know what we talking about? You have to develop your quality first, and if you busy develop your quality you will not rush to talk, you will not rush to be, you do not want to prove nothing to nobody, you busy with yourself***.

Do you see how much you gain, with one conversation, one question? This is the bounty of humble and humility. Let me benefit you more. But this over the satellite of internet, the internet and the satellite of the soul, when the soul connected to the creator and Creator is the owner of the heart and soul. If you belong to Him he will unite your heart between you and them. and at this time, you will benefit them, they will benefit from you and everybody will benefit. Is this not our goal, to benefit each other, to get closer to Allah, to be beneficial to our self, our family, our society? Is not our goal to achieve the right Iman, to achieve Yakin, trust in Allah, rely in Allah and most of all to get the pleasure of Allah. Now we are a blessing abd, blessing servant, and if Allah bless somebody, he make him blessed in everything he say and do. Is this not our goal? Or just talk or just meet or just do. We are in ramadan and people do not know what is ramadan, are you ready? not sister so and so, but this time- brother and sister of all the ummah.

Do we ask ourself what is ramadan? what the purpose of ramadan? what we going to gain of ramadan? how I know I have a blessing ramadan? How I know Allah accept my effort in ramadan? Is the goal in ramadan not to eat and not to drink? Is the goal in Ramadan for husband and wife not to touch each other from morning to evening? What is the goal? What is the purpose?

Yes, Allah SWT promise to forgive us, to give us mercy, to give us lailatul Qadr, to benefit us, with etkun min Allah. what it mean? Purification from hellfire, the free past from hellfire. What it mean? He encourage us, the give us the rewarding, the give us the gift, the bonus, but for whom? The fasting people. Fasting of whom? The believer, because when he call in Qur'an, he did not call Muslim to fast- no. He called the 'believer' to fast.

We should be in a state of belief, meaning in a state of obedience, in a state of awareness and alert about the oneness of Allah. If we do so, we are a believer. Do you see the relationship between why and ramadan. What about when the Prophet SAW said, in the day of judgment people will come and they do not gain from their fasting except from the hunger and thirst. Why? They fasting by the physical act and they break their fast but their tongue ear bad soul bad heart bad thinking bad action. Did we stop and ask question is me a fasting person? Is me living the fasting state. What meaning fasting? Do we really know it, do we comprehend it? Do you want continue or you want hang up. You can hang up, nobody touch you- you can click exit, you can delete, you can close it- I'm just sharing with you some question and answer might benefit you. Are you ready- do you really want to know about ramadan. Make du'a for me, I want share with you- what is ramadan. Ramadan, the month Allah choose for us and before He choose it for us, He choose it for the ultimate mercy: The guidance to mankind, the month of revelation. What it mean? He tell me, come to my mercy, come to my forgiveness, come back to me, wake up big time. and if you get closer to me more, I give you a lot of bonus, a lot of gift, better than 85 years of life and worship, better than whole earth and what it contain. But first, to be candidate of all of the above, you have to fast. Fast from everything except from me. Be for Me. Think about Me, calling me, pray for me, beg me, humble yourself.

Now, you might be a candidate, is this not enough encouraging, is this not enough gift. The time is the month of Allah, the month of Ramadan, the month of all the benefit and success and happiness of this life and the hereafter. This your bank account, this your future, This is teh one can reflect and show you where you going, what is your destiny, you want know what is it? See what you doing, what you want, how to show Allah you respect Him. Excuse me? How I respect Allah? Go back, ask yourself, who choose ramadan? Who choose the time, who choose the topic? Who advertising about ramadan. Who advertising about all the gift and the bounty. It's Allah jalla jallallahu.

if you respect the speaker, you respect the advice. If you trust the speaker, you trust his giving. I respect, I believe, I want. Excuse me, stop it. This the talk, where is the substance, where is your manner, where is your conduct, where is your heart, where is your soul, where is your behaviour , where is your desire, where is your love. All has to be for the Almighty. Now you honest, now you sincere, now you really want, now you respect the owner of advertising. You have to be on time in the right place with the right attitude, with the right manner, with the right hope, with the right supplicate for the big cause, for the ultimate cause.

Excuse me, I am busy, I have things to do, I have to answer back to you- excuse me, you are a liar. Because if you respect the owner of advertising, you will do the utmost to gain this bounty unless you have somebody else advertising, higher than the another one. And if you do so, you are in big trouble, because nobody, nobody in the whole earth can give you a dot of what Allah can give you. Not your professor, not your husband, not your wife, not your money, not your business, not your store. Excuse me, not your stupidity and blindness. Your heart and mind full of dunya, material life. We have to stop. Stop for a moment, a long moment, take a deep breath.

What is ramadan? Advertising of akhira. Because all of Allah promise me is not here, is not Hawaii, this not Bahamas, this not Walt Disney, this not a million dollar, is not a Mercedes Benz, either Lexus, no no no, is not Ferrari, not Mazerati, not Lamborghini. No, all of the above is garbage, is waste of time, waste of aim. It's not miss beauty, it's not Mr. handsome, it's not the mansion, it's not the white house, this the real house. The one for infinity. Tax free. Maintenance free. Happiness forever, promised by the Almighty, the only one.

Excuse me, this talk is not for you, this only for the believer of the hereafter, this why ramadan is only for the believer. If you believe in Allah, if you believe in his message, if you believe in His promise, if you believe in his commitment to you. Excuse me, you said Allah commit? Yes, Allah swear paradise for infinity for the believer. The real success, the real happiness, no agony, no problem, no illness, no age, no hospital, you do not need none of the above. Allah promise. And this why we call ourselves the believer, the believer of the unseen, this is the muslim. If you believe in the unseen and you run after the pleasure of Allah to gain his mercy and his pleasure and his gift to you, now you are a believer. Now you will engage, seriously seeking his Rahmah mercy, forgiveness, and the most of all, His pleasure.

Now we have to ask a question, is me a believer, do I respect the one who advertising? Do I want to gain ramadan and the blessing of Ramadan, the treasure of ramadan, the light of ramadan and the million and million and billion of bounty and reward only Allah know how much and how many. We have to ask ourself a question now, is me busy with Allah, the one who call to all this, or I have no time. Question need a BIG answer. Sincere answer.

In America they say, either you do business or monkey business.Ask yourself, I'm engaging in business or monkey business. Please make parenthesis around monkey business and make it a big logo. Let's examine it, what meaning monkey business? It's an American terminology or even in Europe, it meaning somebody who deal in the business you cannot trust, he's dishonest, no responsibility. He doesn't do good work, always excuse. Now, any business man, successful business man, will never deal with a person, monkey business.

O'muslim, are we serious having serious business in ramadan with Allah, or we dealing monkey business? Do you remember or you forget? Please, listen carefully and don't deal with Allah, monkey business. You will be disgraced and you will be a loser and you will never have a successful business. You lose the main beautiful open buffet of all the bounty of Ramadan. It' snot the sweet, it's not the meal, it's the real bounty of Allah.

Go and ask yourself, who am I? I'm a successful business man or a woman? Or I'm always a loser because I'm dealing with Allah, monkey business. You can buy a book, two book, three book, about ramadan. You can read plenty about the hadith, about the bounty of ramadan. This not my goal. My goal is, where is the heart really want Allah? Who have the heart? Who want to gain the mercy of Allah? Do we read Qur'an with comprehending, do we read Qur'an with examination with ourself, try to see where we are? Do we try to have a commitment do we renew our Iman. Do we renew our way of life? Do we stop our bad behaviour, our bad habit and try to switch it with a good habit beloved to Allah swt? Questions need answer.

You can go for tiny tiny amount of money, buying books about ramadan. Millions and millions of muslims everyday fasting, praying taraweeh, the prayer at night, doing charity, but we need ikhlas, we need sincerety, we need to do it with a goal to achieve the strength and the vision to be and to grow and to reach the level of angels. Allah SWT, He want us to leave to divorce our animal act and grow and elevate ourself to the angel manner and beautiful illumination and closeness to the Almighty. Do you want to go down, or you want to go up? Which direction you want to go. Who you want to be with? Who is your companion? What knoweldge you achieve?

For what person you achieve it, what you want to gain from it, you want get together, why? YOu want to spend time with so and so, why? Please, this is the mother of goodness to unity everything to the One. This is LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH This is the oneness of Allah. This is Islam, this is iman, this fasting, this is ramadan, this is Qur'an, this is taraweeh, this is knowledge, this lailatul qadr. this is the pleasure of Allah, this is the success of this life and hereafter. This is the happiness of this life and hereafter. May Allah SWT put barakah in our time, in our life, in our behaviour, in our way of looking, inside, outside. May Allah SWT put barakah and acceptance in everything that we say and we do. May Allah swt put power and light and wisdom in everything we say and we do. May Allah swt make us sincere, truthfulness, to him and leave ramadan and we gained the mercy of the Almighty the Creator the Merciful, Allah SWT.

Please note: (important note) this is a talk, where is the reflection? This is a hearing, where is the listener? This is the listener, where is the people with heart? This is the poeple with heart, where is the people with commitment? And if you are among the people of commitment, hold tight and ask Allah to make you among the people with action to be a doer, not a talker and listener. Rasulullahi SAW he said of the meaning of: gain knowledge, learn knowledge, and no knowledge will benefit you unless you act upon it and you living it. May Allah swt make us among those who gain knowledge and try to live it the maximum we can. Please reflect, contemplate, make du'a, we need change.

Mankind waiting for us to wake up, to be real. Allah waiting for us to call, to be real. Mankind waiting for us to show them the real muslim, the light house to mankind. Do we have the right Iman Allah want? Do we have the quality, do we try to acquire it? Do we seek knowledge, do we try to build the quality of this knowledge with the right goal, to be the real lighthouse to mankind, the one help them to be guided to the Almighty to paradise to the mercy of the Almighty.

This is the purpose, this is the goal, this is the lucky one, the one Allah choose to be among those who call to Allah. Do you have a better goal? Better value? Can you work for somebody better than Allah? Can anybody give you the rewarding that Allah can give you? Please, this is ramadan. The lucky one who leave ramadan as an abd, slave to Allah SWT with all the meaning of abd.

Do we have a teacher, do we have a sheikh? Do we have a wise man or wise woman in our life? Do we have someone to seek knowledge from and ask him question? Do we have someone we can trust their quality and their knowledge and their wisdom, and we humble ourself to them, and we seek knowledge and wisdom to them. Do we have someone to call and consult on a daily basis or weekly, or whatever, in a major issue in our life, or even about which book I buy, what this piece of knowledge mean, how I put it in practice in my life, where we going, what Allah want from me now.

This has to be developed in every place with every family, with every community, with every society. We should have someone, we should have a leader, we should have an elder, we should have someone can help us in a journey to the right path. Islam teach us that today we are lacking from that, what it mean, we become sheep without a shepherd, a garden without a farmer, a store without an owner, student without a teacher, book without a reader, body without a soul, soul without no connection to the Creator. This just thought for those who want have knowledge and wisdom.

For those who want to be a useful tree with the right crops and fruit to benefit itself and benefit the environment, benefit society. This talk and this word for those who want leave a legacy and a name in this life and the hereafter. This not for everyone, this is for someone who want to be somebody, not anybody. To be called in the day of judgment, come so and so, you honor my name in life, I will honor your name in the hereafter. Someone ready to sacrifice the material life, to elevate his soul and reach the purity, the one enable him or her to be the chosen one, the one will be. Allah create the earth and he choose Makkah and medina and Jerusalem al quds. He created the time and He choose Ramadan. He created creature and creation and he choose mankind. And from mankind he choose messenger and prophet. From messenger and prophet He choose the most strongest five. From this five, he choose two. From the two, He choose the final one. From the nights He choose lailatul qadr. From the days He choose the day of Arafat, of hajj. From the days of the week, He choose Friday. And so on, and so on.

Now, He choose me, He give me guidance, He open my eyes and my heart and my soul. He give me the time, He give me a chance to be. Now, do I respect this choosing and try to work hard to respect this choosing and show Allah I'm special, you choosing me, thank you Creator, thank you Allah. I will do the utmost to please you and honor your name, insha'Allah. Maybe by your will and your mercy and your pleasure, you honor my name in this life and the hereafter, by this way, when I die, my name will not die, my effort will not die, and in the day of judgment, Allah will honor me above mankind.

Do I want to be among those? All I have to be to make a wish, to pray, to make du'a, to work hard, to gain knowledge, the desire to be among those who elevate the name of Allah. May Allah SWT make among those and remember the Prophet SAW, he said to the meaning of: if Allah use to guide one person is better than the whole earth and what it contain. If we believe in the promise of Allah and the promise of His beloved Prophet, let's see what we will do. May Allah make us among those who choose the promise of Allah, the promise of the Prophet SAW above the promise of Shaytaan, the Satan. We always have two choice, only two. In any given time, we will belong to one and we have to choose which one we belong to. May Allah SWT make us belong to Him and only Him, the Almighty, All-Wise, Most High. The Exalted One.

Your Poor Brother in Islam to Allah,
Da'ee Ahmed Moait

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