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The Perfume Seller!

Once a perfume seller went to a lady for advertising his brands of perfume. The perfume seller was shabby and untidy. It seemed as though he has not taken a shower for quite a few days, his clothes were stinking and his hairs were unkempt.

But, quite contrary to his looks and clothes, his brands of perfume were surprisingly good. He went to the lady without taking an appointment but, the lady was courteous enough to respect this uninvited salesman.

The perfume seller explained to her, “Madam, my brand of perfumes are unique in this city, these all are extracts of natural herbs, with no synthetic additives, you will get free oil with this perfume and so on and so forth”.

The lady gave a smile and said “Respected sir, I agree that your brand is good but, why do not you help yourself by applying the same perfume on your clothes and body and perhaps you can use a little bit of your oil on your hairs and look neat and clean so that the next time when you find a costumer you do not have to speak so much about your brands!!”

The Moral Of The Story

My Dear Brothers And Sisters,
The Moral Of This Story Is Not Far Behind Our Reality As Muslims!!
Islam Is Our Product
And We Muslims Are The Representatives Of This Product!
Imagine A Situation When A Businessman...
Does Not Believe In His Own Product!
What Merchandise Can He Produce?

Another Example

Once A Famous Sheikh Was Calling People
Towards Islam On A Street...
And He Was Relating To Them The Islamic Manners And Etiquettes!
An Old Woman Walked Upto Him
And She Asked Him A Simple Question!
Excuse Me Sir, What You Are Preaching Is So Beautiful!
But Show Me A Group Of People Or An Individual
From Amongst Your Community Who Practices What You Are Preaching!
And Guess What Came Next, The Sheikh Was Speechless!!!
This Is A Painful Reality And We All Are Engrossed In It!

Are We True Muslim?

I am sorry to say and most of you might find my words a little harsh but I have to say this: "Most of us from childhood have been taught how to become a hypocrite". Instead of becoming a true Muslim a sincere human being, we are taught to become a long tongue for nothing.

Within the context of Islamic education, the Muslim upbringing today may be solely focused on spiritual and ritualistic aspects (praying, fasting, etc.), while ignoring the morals and values that these rituals are meant to instill in the individual in first place.

We all know people who may pray five times a day and fast yet fail to epitomize good Islamic morals and etiquettes. On a smaller scale, most of us in one form or another may be guilty of maintaining double standards ourselves.

We Stand To Pray…
In Front Of Our Creator With Humility

Yet Fail To Demonstrate Humility To Our Families And Other People.
We May Read The Quran…

But Our Character Is Not That Of The Quran.
We Exercise Patience…
In Refraining From Eating And Drinking When Fasting,

Yet Fail To Show Any Patience When It Comes To Worldly Matters.

Based on general observation of increase in social evils within Muslim communities, it is safe to attribute the root cause to not investing enough in inculcating adequate Islamic etiquettes and morals. Education and knowledge in Muslim households, like others, instead focuses mostly on career building.

This realm of education in today’s Muslim mind can be observed in Tony Blair’s (UK’s ex prime minister) statement where he said in an interview (reported in the Times Educational Supplement of July 5, 2002): “Education is and remains the absolute number one priority for the country because without a quality education system and an educated workforce, we cannot succeed economically.”

No one denies the need for education that is required to advance oneself economically and for the betterment of life in general. However, knowledge and education required to instill moral values must also not be ignored.

The focus today may be more towards the building of human beings into entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers and so on instead of making humans beings human.

As A Result...
A Number Of Us Are Succeeding Economically But The Question Remains

Whether We Are Truly Happy...
Within Our Families Communities And Societies At Large?
Whether We Truly Behave As Muslims And The Representatives Of Islam?
Are Our Characters Such Which Can Attract People Towards Islam?


Actions Are Louder Than Words!
Islam Is A Religion Of Action!
The Prophet Of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH)
Came As A Mercy For Mankind!
Allah Says About Him That
He Came To Epitomize The Best Character!

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) promised a place in the middle of Paradise for a person who has good conduct and manners. Jarir bin Abdullah said: The Messenger of Allah said that Allah will not show mercy to someone who does not show mercy to people.

The books of Islam are replete and resplendent with words of mercy, manners, good conducts and behaviors. We ought to inculcate them.

We Need To Apply Some Of Our Own Perfume
Before We Start Stinking With Our Own Sickness.
Islam Is A Duty And We All Are Equally Responsible.
May Allah (SWT) Allow Us To Become Real Muslims,

Brother A.H

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