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The hopeless the useless, means nothing,
does nothing and aims for nothing!


Nothing Good For Nothing

Who am I?

Many questions run in my mind when I think of this.
Am I one of the above? It means I am nothing and a Muslim will never be like this.
Am I a Man? Or just a male? Am I the future husband, the Father?
Can I be the future role model? The Guide? Or the future of Mankind?
But How??!!!!!

  • Do I have the Iman? Faith
  • Do I have the yakheen? Certainty of faith
  • Do I have the tawakkul? Reliance on Allah
  • Do I have the knowledge of Allah; the knowledge and wisdom of Prophet?
  • Do I have the knowledge and the tarbiyyah of life?

From every aspect; Health, medical to body builder and soul developer;
From History to Geography; Manner, wisdom, comprehending and understanding of Life and the list goes on.

How? Who? Where? When? Why?

These questions need answers:

  • How should I be or should not be.
  • Who am I? Nothing for nothing or somebody who wants to be something, the leader, the leader of Goodness.
  • Where can I start? Where am I going? Where is my future headed to and the future of the society. The mankind in this life and the hereafter…
  • When can I start?

Today, Tomorrow or is this not important. Whether it means a lot or those who value time.

Why? Why Me? Why now? Why What? Why Where? Why How? WHY…THE BIG WHY????

Without the Why you go back to the beginning and the Why equals everything. No WHY equals nothing!

  • Why do I think, Why do I want?
  • Why to be what I have to?
  • Why how?
  • Why where?

A Why for every question. A question for those who have the answer. Those who can answer quickly get the answer for the Why. Can you be an achiever without questioning WHY?

I’m finished, you are finished. Did you finish to be or not to be. A man always starts. A man never finishes achievement after achievement, knowledge after knowledge, deeds after deeds, be after be. A will to be.

But. Do you want to BE?

Am I an actor or am I just acting? What is the difference? The actor makes belief, he is phony, he is empty, he is a liar, he is a looser, he makes belief. He is an actor always but a looser inside out.

And acting is an act of someone who always wants to in a state of action. The real action.

  • What do you learn?
  • Who am I?
  • Why am I not seeking knowledge?
  • Why don’t I ask question? Am I very arrogant, so ignorant, so stupid, and so dumb?

Or I just mean nothing, I want nothing and my future is nothing.

  • What does it mean? This is just blindness and it all equals a liar, a hypocrite. He always acts like one but he doesn’t mean it. If he means, then he will.
  • Where is my will?
  • What are you feeling in your heart?

Are you questioning yourself by now?

Or all these questions are not meant for me.

Questions need answers for those who want to be alive with legacy and never die. They will die, they will go to the grave but their will, will never die.

Question 1

  • Are you alive or dead?
  • If you die today who will remember you?
  • Who will learn anything from you?
  • Who knows about you?
  • What is your knowledge?
  • What is your manner?
  • What are your accomplishments in your life?

Question 2

Questions for those who want to be?

If you want to know who you are? I will tell you right now. I will give you 2 answers and you can discover who you are.

The qualities or the symptoms of Nothing.

  • Carelessness
  • Emptiness
  • Not a seeker
  • No questioning
  • No value of time
  • No value for himself

He feels defeated. Have no Courage, no Will, No Confidence, No Determination and No follow up of anything, aims for nothing and wants nothing. This actually has only one place. GARBAGE CAN!!!!

You are one of the two, the symptom or quality of one who wants to be.

  • Always a seeker
  • Always questioning things
  • Always gaining from his time
  • Always in the run
  • Always busy

He knows who he is, he knows what he wants and he always sees, searches, develops and learns to be what he wants. Awareness, Awake ness and being Alert are the keys.

He doesn’t make too many mistakes. And when he makes one, he corrects it quick. He is questioning himself not others. He is always in the journey, a journey with a goal, A noble goal, a goal to be somebody. He is the light of the Light House to save the boats from going into destruction. To guide them to the straight path. The path of safety, the path of success.

His thinking is organized. He thinks before he talks, he always has priorities in his life. Well organized, well disciplined. He is the one who benefits himself and benefits others and everyone benefits from him. He is always in a deep thinking. He swallows his words. He chews it before he spits it. He will never forget, he is always alert, awake, looking to the clock, calendar, and he is always running before the time runs out. His bank account is his will and determination driven by the high goal he wants to achieve for himself and mankind. He has the concepts of life.

This article is not for nothing. This article is for someone who is very special,
somebody especially in this life, in the grave and in the hereafter

You can choose only once; you live only once, you can only be one, you have one time, one life and one chance. Which one of them will you choose?

If it’s your decision, 100% your decision, then don’t blame anybody. Today you can but tomorrow is too late. You only live once. Do you have excuses? If yes, then you are a liar, a hypocrite and you are already defeated.

If you have the courage, say enough is enough and then you make a U turn and you go up and you aim higher. You want and no matter how much you fail, you will keep going and you will be only if you want to be.

Who Am I?

Today I am still alive, it means that I have a chance; tomorrow I don't. This is an extremely important note. Take it or leave it, you like it or you don't.

If you always try then you will be. And if you are always defeated and you are not willing to try then don't blame anybody except yourself. This is what you choose, nobody chose it for you.

The fuel of your strength and the power is your own journey of iman, faith,
because Allah is the power, the owner of power and the owner of everything.

The more you get closer, the more he changes your weakness to your strength, your bad habits into good habits from being defeated to being victorious. And this is only by Allah.

If I am far away from Allah, far away from the journey of iman, then the soul is defeated by the enemy shaitan. He will weaken me, put me in a status of despair and always make me waste my time, weak will or no will, it is poor from every aspect. I will be a waste, wasting myself. No hope and no future and this are because I surrender to my own sick nafs and my own enemy shaitaan, the devil.

A momin, a believer never despairs, never gives up, is never weak and never poor
because he has Allah the powerful, the rich and the owner of everything.
He will supply him and he will give him.

Please I am going to repeat this twice, extremely important. From my experience I found out that the majority who are a failure are defeated, they have many faces. What does it mean?

They are not honest, they are liars and hypocrites. In front of certain people they act in a certain way, with another people they act in different way. No constitution, no discipline. It means no belief. They enslave themselves to everyone except Allah. Allah disgraces them. In this journey you have to be one, your road is one, your journey and the direction is one, your goal is one, your face is one.

Can I put my tail between my legs and go like a coward inside and tell myself I can't make it. The answer is yes. Yes you can If you are the son of shaitaan, a disbeliever of Allah. The owner of defeat, the owner of momin is Allah, the creator, the owner of victory, ability and power.


What is the ultimate defeat?

To desire to be garbage, ready to be wasted in the garbage can. This is the defeat. And this will never happen to the believer. Never never never, can a believer give up? The answer is NO WAY.

Allah promised, the one despaired from the mercy of Allah is the ultimate looser, the defeated and the disbeliever, the one who rejects the existence and quality of Allah.

How can I be a believer? And I know Allah exists and I am not reaching, not seeking the support and help of Allah.

After all these talks, what should it do to me?

A young girl named Anjuman said All the talks have moved me, created a spark in me and I am ready to surrender to Allah. And I ask her a question, why you use the word spark? She says I was deeply moved by the talk, it was an instant feeling that lighted me up.

Somebody said, I don't feel defeated, because I have a chance to change. What it means?

It means I didn't make a commitment why didn't you make a commitment? I do not want to be a talker.

Which one comes first a commitment or accomplishment? How you can accomplish something when you are not committed. This is the work of shaitan like what the young girl said, she knew in her journey when she heard that her answer was I feel that if you think of future, which you haven't seen you will be stuck there. Again lack of imaan, you have no trust in Allah.

What is my goal? To scratch your head, your heart to put a big spoon in your heart, stir and look what's inside, look in the mirror...

Hear your own voice and come to a conclusion, questioning yourself until you find the answer.
The answer can lead you to be what you want to be.
And all these talks will not help you until you remember Allah a lot.

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