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I am giving Salaam to my beloved Brother, the young tree, the big tree, the strong tree. For me I believe inshallah, he will be like a date tree.

A date tree's roots are very deep, horizontal and vertical. The trunk is very tall, and very strong. Some people say that dates are very sweet. If the tree is close to the ground, insects, ants, animals and different creatures will eat the dates. For Allah swt to preserve the dates, they have to be located high, covered by an umbrella of leaves.

Today, I beg Allah swt to make your faith, Eman, Yakiin and trust of Allah swt like the roots of the date tree. I ask Allah swt to give you the strength and power, the steadfastness and the wisdom of the trunk of the date tree and decorate you with the sweetness of Eman like the dates and cover you and decorate you with wisdom and humbleness and vision like leaves of the date tree.

Aim to be able to be the one above the situation, holding tight in the Love of Allah swt, aiming high to the sky for the noble and high cause to be elevated in this life and hereafter, to spread the right knowledge of Allah swt. Winds will come, sandstorms will come, draughts will come, high heat will come, but the date tree stands tall. The roots of the date tree can extract a drop of water 100 meters away and the tree will be patient. Trust in the Creator, the provider,

storm after storm. In the end there will be drops of dates; sweet, rich and delicious, full of strength and bounty, the result of one years patience.

My dear Brother, and beloved tree; patience is power, patience with Allah, patience for Allah, patience toward Allah. If you look to the sky, it will give you the message day and night. If you work in the dark night looking at the sky, looking at the stars, aiming to the horizons, you will hear the messages, very powerful messages. If you believe in Me (Allah swt), If you trust Me, If you work for Me, I Allah swt will be for you. But not at the time you want and not the way you want. I, Allah swt, am the owner; I am Allah swt. Just seek me, think of Me, remember Me, and I, swt will remember you.

You have to know that even if the whole Earth gathers to benefit you, they can not give you except what Allah swt ordains for you. If the whole Earth gathers to harm you, they can not except for what is ordained for you. The pen has left and the letter is rolled. What is written is written. This is the voice of the truth, this is the message of the truth. LAILAHA-ILLAHALLAH.

Today we can, tomorrow we can not. Connect your heart with Allah, rely on Allah swt only. Be careful with your manner. Be careful of the status of your heart. Be careful when you are alone and nobody can see you. Most of all, check your heart as to what it contains, what it desires. Check your mind as to what it contains and what it is thinking about. Check your tongue as to what it is saying, and what it is moving with – is it the remembrance of Allah or other?


  • your power is with Allah swt,
  • your ability is with Allah swt,
  • your strength is with Allah swt,
  • your vision is with Allah swt,
  • your wisdom is from Allah swt and with Allah swt,
  • your light is from Allah swt,
  • your knowledge is from Allah swt,
  • your respect and the respect of others to you is from Allah swt.

If you want all of the above, seek it from the source of the owner of the all of the above, Allah Allah Allah swt.

If you want to know how much you receive, look to where you are. Look to your heart, mind and soul. You will know how much He is giving you.

Do not look to the condition; look to the owner of condition. He is the only one who can change the condition for you so unite your heart to Him, the Almighty Allah swt.

My dear beloved Brother: Today we can, tomorrow we can not. Be busy with Allah, have Tawakul, you will see what He will do for you.

I am making Dua for you, but make Dua for yourself, and try to do more. He will do for you more and more.

If you want Him to do things for you, to please you, and to take care of you, try to please Him. Then He will please you.

May Allah swt put baraka, Noor, and Kabul in everything you say and do. May Allah swt give you Hikma and Vision and guard you and elevate you and put in your heart what is good for you and your family and the ummah.

I remember you, I remember your goodness, your generosity, your good heart and I ask Allah swt to accept you and give you Taufeek to do more and more and more for you.

You are like a Giant standing like the date tree, rooted so deep, with horizontal and vertical roots grasping and hugging the ground against all the forces, protecting its own dignity and the dates it carries. The aim is high, the goal is high, and the journey is long.

My salaam to my tree, to my giant, to my man. Hold tight, the storm is arriving, and the hands are held up begging Allah for support and help, with silence and patience, trust and belonging; with total reliance on Allah. The storm will pass by. Allah will show you that he is with the believer, he is with the patient one, he is with the trusting one. He is with those who belong to him.

Now is the time to reflect, to believe, to trust, to rely, to beg, to call to the only one - ALLAH. You do not need to talk; you do not need to explain; only trust and you will see.

Remember your goodness, remember your weakness.

  • Your goodness - return it to Allah and thank him for it.
  • Your weakness - return it to Allah and tell him to switch it for you with quality, strength and ability.

Allah is watching, watching your heart. Don't look to the condition, look to the owner of condition; he can switch it for you in the time we never expected; just trust. Don’t ever believe in the condition, believe in the owner of the condition. That is what Allah SWT wants from you.

Clouds do not stay for long, the same with wind. The sun will rise, the light will come, Allah SWT will show you his light, his might, his wisdom.

Remember that wisdom comes from two elements:

  • belief, with zikr of Allah and
  • silence.

Don't try to argue, don 't try to win, if you want to win, win the trust in Allah and he will show you.

My salaam ends here but my heart is with you. I pray for you, I call Allah

  • to call you to light,
  • to put wisdom in your tongue and your heart
  • to give you the elevation to be connected with him not to lose, because losing is easy; holding tight is very difficult. But inshallah I believe. You can make it. By the will of Allah remember time goes very quickly and Allah will show you.

May Allah accept you, put baraka on you, put noor on you, put hekma on you and may Allah subhana wa taala bless all you do and say. Your power is in your heart; your wisdom in the remembrance of Allah. Constantly remember your goal, your aim, what you want to be and your legacy in this life and the Hereafter.

Allah swt says in Chapter 76, Al Insaan

Has there not been Over man a long period Of time when he was Nothing --(not even) mentioned?

Verily We created Man from a drop of mingled sperm, in order to try him So We gave him (the gifts) Of hearing and sight

We showed him the Way Whether he be grateful or Ungrateful.

Therefore be patient With constancy to the command Of thy lord, and obey not to the sinner or the ingrate among them.

And celebrate the name of thy lord morning and evening,

and part of the night, prostrate thyself to him And glorify him a long night through

This is an admonition Whosoever will let him Take a straight Path to his lord

But ye will not Except as Allah wills For Allah is full of Knowledge and wisdom

He will admit to his mercy whom he will But the wrongdoers For them has he prepared A grievous Chastisement

My dear beloved brother, thank Allah for what he has given you of eman. Hold tight, remember your goal, and remember what you want to be in this life and the Hereafter.

My giant, the date tree high in the sky; your roots are deep in the ground, it will give its own crops in the time permitted.

Allah SWT says in chapter Ibrahim chap 14
Seest thou not how Allah sets forth a parable- a goodly word like a godly tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches reach to the heavens

It brings forth its fruit at all times, by the leave of its Lord. So Allah sets forth parables for men, in order that they may receive admonition.

And the parable of an evil word is that of an evil tree. It is torn up by the root. From the surface of the earth it has no stability.

Allah will establish in strength those who believe, with the word that stands firm in this world and in the hereafter but Allah will leave, to stray, those who do wrong, Allah doeth what he willeth.

Speak to my servants who have believed that they may establish regular prayers, and spend in charity out of the sustenance we have given them secretly and openly, before the coming of a day in which there will be neither mutual bargaining, nor befriending.

Today we can, tomorrow we can not. Today you can only own your intention and beg Allah to give you strength and open for you. My beloved brother in Islam, you are in the hand of Allah. If you want Allah to open for you more and more remember what Allah said in Surah Al Anfaal verse 53

Because Allah will never change the grace which he hath bestowed on a people until they change what is in their own souls and verily Allah is he who heareth and knoweth all things.

And also remember what Allah said in Surah Ra'd verse 11
Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves but when once Allah willeth a people's punishment there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides him, any to protest.

Now you have the power. Now you know. All you have to do is zikr, renew intention, trust in Allah, rely on Allah, have tawakkal in Allah and make duaa with the power and conviction that Allah will grant to you your wishes.


Look to the sky, look to the date tree, look to the stars and beg Allah swt to give you from the unseen treasure of Allah swt. Remember my wishes for you to be strong and sweet and wise like the date tree, to serve the maximum. Remember the saying of the Prophet pbuh, “the servant of the people is the Prince of the people”.

The more you serve, the more you unite the hearts. Serve your own heart with humbleness.

I wish you the happiness of this life and hereafter. May Allah swt fulfill your need in this life and the Hereafter and grant you the highest level of Jannah and leave a legacy in this Earth of spreading the message of Allah and elevating the name of Allah swt. (Ameen, ameen, ameen.)

May Allah swt allow you to comprehend my words, understand my words and live my words with the message of Allah swt.

Brother M, may Allah be with you.

Wa salaamalaikaaum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

your poor BR to Allah swt
Da'ee Ahmed Moait
May Allah open for you hakiim al usra

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