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Series: Da'ee Ahmed Moait Goes Overseas
(Malaysia Trip )

Come journey with Da'ee Ahmed Moait as he travels to different countries and continents, spreading the powerful message of Allah throughout the globe. Also get an eye-opening view of how different Muslims are living all over the planet.

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Living Our Knowledge Of Ad-Deen

The Messengers and Prophets came and taught about the oneness of Allah which we call today as Tawheed. But what happened after colonialism? People have only topics of halal, haram, and tajweed to talk about because of which all we have developed is the outer Islam and we never developed the inner aspects of Islam.

Duration: 1: 30 mins

Islam Between Culture, Rituals And Material Life

"We have to develop ubudiyya (slavery to Allah), and Rububiyya (realizing Allah is the Governor, Controller, and Provider) with all the names of Allah in reality- Not in the tongue, in a speech or on the internet. And we have to set the role model and feel responsible, so that when you die, you can say; "Allah I Tried My Best"

Duration: 1: 30 mins

Da'wah Answer & Question Session

Duration: 2h:27mins

Beautiful Patience

Duration: 2h:19 mins

Shukr Vs Shirk

Duration: 59 mins

Words of Wisdom On The Road To Happiness

Duration: 2h

The Future leaders Of Our Nation

Duration: 1h:14 mins

Striving Towards Purification Of The Hearts [2014]

Duration: 1h:14 mins

Jihad:The Strive From Cradle To Grave [2014]

Duration: 1h:16 mins

Disease Of The Heart Which Prevent Total Iman [2014]

Duration: 2h:13 mins

My Goal In Life Versus What Allah Wants [2014]

Duration: 1h:29 mins

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