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"Worth Contemplating"

Hold tight to the covenant and Deen (goal) of Allah (SWT)!
Islam is a belief, not an emotion!

Islam needs a “shoulder”!
Needs to rise up over strong shoulder of men/shoulder of women…Strength;
Needs to carry weight of the truthfulness of the covenant.

We need real men/real women with big shoulder and big heart!
To carry the message!
Need to have the feeling or sense of responsibility, believe it and carry it.

Real Relationship From Real Man

Where is the owner of Promise?
Where is the honor of promise?
Where is the Unity?
Where is the love?
Where is the Sisterhood?
Where is Brotherhood?
Where is the Dua for each other?
Or, when you hear of a calamity of a fellow sister/brother-do I visit him/her? Do I pray for him/her? Do I support him/her? Do I love him/her for Allah (SWT)?, and make Dua for him/her with full of heart even more than myself and wish him/her to succeed. We should not worry about who will carry the message. If someone wants to do, we have to support with sincere intention. Give him/her a sincere and a truthful support by any means possible. Pray for their acceptance and rewarding and wishing them good ending.

Islam is so Beautiful, we should love each other’s goodness and love each other. If you share in your heart the Dua for him/her to succeed and you mean it and it’s hidden, meaning you become a silent partner and you share his/her good deeds. PARTNER WITH OUR DUAS.


An Egyptian scholar said:
I never saw any father or mother, their children destroy his building and he is so happy about it!
I am surprised more about the children causing all agony for the parents and yet they are happy!

(Now, what does it mean? Iman and the lack of Iman). The building is your heart, the status of Duniya versus Akhirah, think about it as an individual, family, and as an Ummah. What happened if the whole surrounding suck us to Duniya and we are fueling it? We destroy them and ourselves.


By the way everything you are going to hear in here, is very deep wisdom containing a lot of metaphor and everyone can comprehend it from a different angle. It is up to you to see where you are from all these messages.


John Williams said:
What is the benefit of all this world and all of what it contains if your shoes are too tight!

Meaning when you are not happy or satisfied! Also, all material life does not mean anything if it doesn't lead you to happiness and success.


You will learn a lot of lessons from this life!
Even if you watch the fire fighters, they fight the fire with fire!

Meaning, the jungle fires are contained and controlled by the fire fighters from outside.
As the fire starts inside and grows the fire fighter generate a fire outside to fight back the existing fire. This is one of the method to control some fire.
Similar to the power of a momin, Dua and Iman is within. Iman/wisdom/baseera/ consultation to move in the right direction. We need the power within and the power of action out with our manner and character and the obedience to Allah (SWT) to offset any force or calamity or challenges. Now you can see power does not respect except power.


The conscience is not enough to stop you from making mistakes but it only stops you enjoying your mistakes!


Imam Shafi (RA) said:
I never argue with anyone, and I wish the arguer for Allah to choose him and allow him/her to say the truth over his/her tongue!

Which means a Sign of Humility and love of the truth to be prevailed. It is more important than winning. Truth is important. Love truth above everything.


If you look to the wheat, you find a line between, half for me and half for you!

Meaning, Don’t be greedy but share, Sharing is important. Not everything you can get. Some for you and some for others.


The roar of the lion is not enough to kill his own prey!!!

Message to the parents, don’t scream at children when you can’t deliver an action. Don’t rush with sound, and don’t open your mouth without principle, if you can’t support your voice with an action. This teaches you -Don’t talk or say something unless followed with an action otherwise, you will lose credibility and lose respect.

Think, be patient and don’t talk unless you know the consequences of what you say and you are able to follow it with action equal your talk.


The coward can find 36 ways to fix his problems
But he would not like to engage except in one way
That is to retreat and run away!

You should seek solution and not retreat as a coward.
Upbringing makes us a coward.
Today we fight to the end, for material life.
But for Jannat and for the hereafter we are a coward!


The dog who barks over a dead lion is not brave!

Today, we love to argue, screaming, shouting and split.
We disengage from each other and we think we are brave!
Think what we are doing!


Children have seven Qualities:

They do not worry about provision!
If they get sick...
They do not blame or complain about destiny/qadr of Allah!
They have no envy or jealousy in their heart!
If they are upset with each other...
They hurry to make up with each other!
They eat together and are sharing!
They are scared from any small scary things!
Their eyes tear easily!

When we are young, we are clean within. The more we get older we accumulate a lot of diseases of the heart causing all these qualities to diminish or become so weak.

As we become Adults we get dirty.
Hadith- of the meaning of, “the lucky one is the one who meets Allah (SWT) pure and clean similar to the beginning to our birth.
Allah (SWT) created us clean and we are the one we dirty ourselves with material life, temptation, sins, aggression etc”.


The one who has no judgment and no opinion like the knob of the door, anybody can use it, in any direction.

Meaning, No personality/ No strength/ No judgment and you go with the flow. Our upbringing equals to Knob of the door. What it means is passive, no personality, no strength, no sense of identity, no confidence, no sense of direction, and no goal. What do you think who am I?


All of us are like the example of the moon, half lit and half dark…

Meaning we have two sides, the good and the evil. Allah (SWT) creates us with good and evil inside.
But, Allah (SWT) shows us the road of light. And Shaitaan shows us the road of darkness. Am I in the road of Light/Goodness or the road of Evil/darkness?


It’s so shameful to fall over the same rock twice.

What it means is that you should learn from your mistakes and do not repeat it.


No one in this life is a Loser, but the real loser is...
The one who starts from the bottom and stays there!

Defeat---no effort taken. Which means, he/she likes the status-co and do not make any positive effort to change and grow up.


If you don’t give them what they want, it becomes a command or order.

Hence, the child becomes a master/monster and the mother a slave. If the child doesn’t get you by crying, he’ll get you by command. Ask yourself, who is the master? Who is the slave? Who is the adult? Who is the child? Who is the teacher?


Abraham Lincoln said:
I walk slowly but I never take a step with intention to go backwards even 1 step

If this is the thought of different men/thinkers, the majority are not Muslim, they do not believe in Allah (SWT), yet look at their power and determination…Will to be/knowledge and wisdom/deep thinking /thinking ahead/courage to be. Where am I from all that? And I am the believer, the believer of Allah (SWT), The Owner of Power, Knowledge, Wisdom, Light and all the Qualities.


After all that, can I be a Coward or Door Knob- screaming and shouting with no brain or sense of direction or no goal or no action and no Will?

With the references to Quranic stories;
Is the Ant, braver than me?
Is the Hoopoe bird, a believer more than me?
Is the spider, obedient to Allah more than me?
Is the Boy and King’s faith/belief more than me?
Is the magician of Pharoah, a believer more than me?
Is the man of Ala Firaun, a believer more than me?
Is Asiya (AS), a believer more than me?
Is the Man from Al-Yaasin, a believer more than me?



These messages are meant for us today to develop these characters of those men/women, boy, insects, birds and animals. The victorious! The role model of the believer, whom Allah (SWT) loved and elevated.

Surah Naml
Talks of Allah (SWT)’s bounty and many Quranic stories.
Allah (SWT) emphasizes
“can there be another God beside Allah (SWT)? Nay, most of them know not.”
(Ch. 27, V. 61).

Is there another like Allah (SWT)?
Question to check our faith and Imaan!
Can we compete with the ant on the day of judgment?

Surah Ankaboot
“And those who strive in our cause, we will certainly guide them to our path, for verily Allah (SWT) is with those who do right”.
(Ch. 29, V. 69)

Victory to the Believer. Allah (SWT) gives the example of the spider and its’ web is the weakest house, yet it is disciplined in developing…. thus telling us, Don’t have journey of Imaan which is hollow or fake and ready to collapse like the house of the Spider.

“The parable of those who take protectors other than Allah (SWT) is that of the spider, who builds to itself a house, but truly the flimsiest of houses is the spider’s house, If they but knew.” (Ch. 29. V. 41).
These are just a few points for those who seek to be someone in this life and the hereafter.

Ask yourself do you want to be?
And what do you want to be?
To whom to be?
Questions and words need heart, mind and soul that wants to be.

Da'ee Ahmed Moait


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