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To Be The Happiest Person

  • If you look at majority of mankind, they spent their lives in art, singing, playing, and accumulating “the pleasure of this life”.
    Instead, say “Alhamdulillah” and “what Allah promised me is much better than what they accumulate.”

  • When seeing a person in calamity of “material life”, be very happy at the status of your Iman.

  • When you see a disbeliever, thank Allah for the status of your Islam.

  • When you see a sinner, thank Allah for your taqwa and obedience to Him.

  • When you see an ignorant person, thank Allah for the knowledge that He has given you.

  • When you see someone in trial, thank Allah for the ability and tawfiq that He has granted you.

  • The sun is created for you, enjoy the sunshine; the wind is created for you, enjoy the breeze; the river is created for you, enjoy drinking from it; trees are created for you, enjoy their shade and fruits.

  • Thank the giver of everything—the Almighty, the Creator, Allah SWT.

  • The blind wishes to see anything and he can’t; the deaf wishes to hear anything and can’t; the paralyzed person wishes to feel the bounty of walking, but can’t; the mute wishes to express himself, but can’t.You hear, see, talk, and walk—thank your Lord and don’t ever think that life will be perfect for anyone.

  • Whoever has a house might not have a car. Whoever has a wife might not have a job. And whoever has appetite to eat, might not have food. And whoever has food might not have the health and ability to eat. Just ponder!

  • To pray & to obey Lord, and to go to the masjid is the commerce of the hereafter.

  • The book is the friend of your life; good deeds are the companion in your grave; to develop character and good manner is the crown of every dignity; generosity is more beautiful than any clothing; disbelief and denial is the sickness of the heart and the poison that kills your soul; nothing is better for you than the word of revelation to purify your soul and cure your chest from all the diseases.

  • Don’t make any decisions while you are in the state of anger, you will be sorry; because the angry person has no sense of direction, vision, guidance and he can’t see clearly.

  • Don’t be sad, it will never benefit you; don’t be scared, it will not benefit your future; don’t worry or live in uncertainty, you can’t achieve anything—it is not the road of success. Instead be calm, be humble, purify your heart, be content, and be thankful-this is the happiness.

  • Don’t seek others’ respect unless you respect them; don’t blame anyone who can’t deliver to you what you like, but blame yourself; if you want people to be kind to you, be kind and generous to the people.

  • If you live in a shack, be content with what you have because those living in the palaces will not stay there forever. And if you wear cheap clothing, thank Allah and be content, because the expensive silk will one day get old.

  • Whoever seeks the enjoyment of his nafs by giving himself what he likes will kill his heart, his future will be diminished and he always will be in agony and sorrow; because no one can feed all his desires as it is an ocean without any end.

  • If you have a child, know that you have a palace in jannah called the palace of hamd and thanks.

  • And whoever didn’t get his desire from the worldly life, his share in jannah is waiting for him.

  • Bird does not get its provision in its nest; lion does not find his prey in front of him; and the ant does not find food inside its house—everyone has to seek and search. Seek what they seek, you will find what they find.

  • The hypocrites, disbelievers, and so called Muslims worry about every noise; they die before death; they fear everything and worry from future. They look for calamity when there is no calamity; and they imagine and prepare for a disaster that is not there. They are afraid of every sound, every shadow, and every motion. Their heart is torn apart and their soul is in pieces.

  • If Allah chooses to place you in a certain condition, don’t ask otherwise—He knows your condition. For example, if you are in a state of poverty, don’t wish to be wealthy; if you are sick, don’t wish for health; and if you are delayed from a trip, don’t wish that you hadn’t been delayed— every condition has goodness in it for you.

  • If Allah SWT has not given you a husband or a wife, a good job or good income, it is actually a blessing for you; there is goodness in all His decisions as Allah knows and you do not know.

  • The rock is stronger than trees, iron is stronger than the rock, fire is stronger than the iron, water is stronger than the fire, and the wind carries the water therefore it is stronger than water;Iman of a believer is stronger than all of the above.

  • Every trial you are going through is a lesson for you; don’t forget it. And every calamity that reaches you, you can’t escape it. Don’t be sorry about what you lost and don’t be sad of what you can’t reach. Destiny will take place, whether you like it or you don’t.

  • Those of you who are seeking to fulfill their desires-- know that they are transitory and will not last. All enjoyments are temporary and fleeting, meaning no happiness is forever. Happiness attained by fulfillment of wishes is fake and leads to nothing except sadness. Therefore, materialistic people are the most miserable and many end up committing suicide.

  • Whoever wants the elevation and the happiness in this life and the hereafter, remember you need: a will to seek useful knowledge, good character and manners, and a sign to be remembered.

  • “O Bilal (RA)! Get up and establish Salah, make us content with it O Bilal” because Salah is the running well of tranquility, a river full of security, and a wind calm and cool. It comes over the nafs and kills the fire of fear, worry, and despair in the chest.

  • If you do not disobey your lord and do not oppress others, go to sleep happy and content—you have already gained a great deal of goodness and have no enemy.

  • Lucky, happy and successful are those who go to sleep and people pray for them. Disgraced and severely punished are those who go to sleep and people make du’a against them.

  • Glad tidings and good news to those who are loved by others and their tongues talk goodness about them. Glad tidings to those Allah uses as keys of goodness and locks of evil.

  • Loser is the one that others curse and remember his bad character and actions.

  • If you can’t find justice in this earth, send your file to the court of your Lord in the hereafter where the angels are your witness, the file is saved, and the Judge is most Just.

  • Today we can, tomorrow we can’t; today you have a chance, tomorrow you won’t; today you are alive, tomorrow you will be dead. Time of departure is unknown, but it will come for sure, whether you like it or don’t; whether you believe or you don’t, whether you are ready or not.


Da'ee Ahmed Moait


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