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Series: Parenting and Upbringing


If you take your time and go through each session step by step, you will definitely develop your ability of upbringing your children according to islam, but only if you're sincere.

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1. Upbringing & Parenting - Introduction and a wake up call !

Why we need to study about it, begin with the package you marry, being responsible men and women, being true and real, generating environment!

Duration: 29:18 mins

2. Upbringing and Parenting series- Generating the environment!

Topics covered ~Generating the environment,~The power of words!,~record yourselves... seriously!~You either make them or break them.

Duration: 30:29 mins

3. Upbringing and Parenting: Intention, Goal and Purpose of Life!

Topics covered by Shaikh Ahmed Moait:
1. Building habits inside the house
2. Mutual agreement between the spouses
3. Youth!! please listen before the damage is done
4. children show their love by imitating you
5. Cleanliness
6. We are all just a bunch of habits
7. Do you eat according to principle or habits
8. I have to be a role model!!

Duration: 30:29 mins

4. Upbringing and Parenting: Role of the Husband, Role of the wife

How to be role models and much more topics covered by Shaikh Ahmed Moait....

Duration: 29:42 mins

5. Upbringing and Parenting: Episode 5: Basic Principles Of Care For New Born

Topics covered by Shaikh Ahmed Moait:
1. Basic care primer of infants
2. Dos and don'ts
3. Taking care of self
4. basic advices

Duration: 27 mins

6. Upbringing and Parenting: Making decisions and teaching children how to!

How to make kids independent...

Duration: 01:04 mins

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