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A Message to the Learned Persons with a High Level of Knowledge


To whom it may concern!


This message is for those of you who believe that you have the knowledge or that what we are talking about is a simple knowledge and it has many mistakes.

It is for those of you who believe that you have a better knowledge, higher knowledge, more authentic knowledge and better understanding than everyone.


Please ask yourself:

What are you doing? What are you using your knowledge for?

How many people reach Islam by you?

How many people did you help to reach Allah (SWT)?


My goal is not to educate you; my goal is to open your heart and your mind to the basic understanding and the basic knowledge that can help you, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, to be on the road of guidance.

My job is to help you, by the will of The Almighty, to start on the road, after that it is up to Allah (SWT) and your sincerity and your struggle to continue your journey.

I'm just trying to drop a drop for the sake of Allah (SWT).

Don't attack the drop make dua’a (supplicate) and ask yourself what are you dropping?

And by the will of Allah (SWT) the Almighty I believe if Allah (SWT) accepts this message and wants to spread this, it’s His will and His might and His mercy to me and others.

And if Allah (SWT) wants to stop me or not benefit others by me; it is up to Allah (SWT), for He is the Most Wise, He does what He wants.

I'm only responsible of trying and making effort and it is up to Allah (SWT) to give me tawfeeq (ability) and blessing.


These words will benefit those who have a living heart:


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


"If anyone is seeking honor, let him know that all honor belongs to Allah Alone. Good words ascend to Him and good deeds are exalted by Him. As for those who plan evil deeds, they shall have severe punishment and their plots will be brought to nothing." Q35:10


"Soon you will remember what I have told you, I am entrusting my affairs to Allah (SWT), surely, Allah (SWT) is ever watchful over His servants" Q40:44




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