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Welcome to the King's English Dictionary


Hello Visitor and Welcome to the King's English Dictionary!

What's the King's English Dictionary?

If you watch any of Da'ee Ahmed Moait's videos, you will soon see that he speaks a special language. What Da'ee Ahmed Moait is speaking is no mistake! It is a higher form of english, higher than the respected Queen's English - It's King's English!

The NoorAllahProductions.com Team is working hard to bring you the King's English Dictionary to make it easier for you to understand Da'ee Ahmed Moait. Remember, if you see a word that you think belongs in the 'King's English Dictionary' please let us know by sending us some feedback. (Click Here to Send Suggestion)


King's Word or Phrase
Chicken Without a Head -
chicken without a head is orginally from Jamaica. When they slaughter a chicken, they cut the head off, and the body starts running without a head. You think it's dancing, the chicken's body without any head at all, keeps moving in a hasty and unstable movement, like its crazy, just for maybe 20 or 30 seconds, then it falls down. The majority of human beings, muslim and non-muslim, they are suffering from 'Chicken Without a Head' syndrome. Why? Because they believe in themselves or their money, or bank accounts, or whatever they possess or do not possess, and they go crazy until they become a chicken without a head. If you're suffereing from one of these syndromes, please come to my clinic, take the pills, listen, call Allah, and you will be cured in a short period of time. If you want to be arrogant, stubborn, and not come to the clinic, Mash'Allah, you're already a chicken without a head. Now think about it- if you have no head...
Bye-Bye Muslim -
bye bye, in french sometimes as se la vie, meaning "bye bye and I will not see you again". It is an expression with a polite manner, meaning, I'm not going to see you- meaning, we are apart, or, you're not worth it for me to be with you, meaning- you are fake, you're not real, and today, a lot of people call themselves muslim, or carry a muslim identity or muslim names. But, in reality, they have NO islam at all, or a glimpse or maybe leftover of Islam, if it is even 1 percent, it's too much. Their main disease is that they believe that they actually have Islam.
Zzzzt! -
a sound effect used for anything done very fast or quick.
Crunching Machine -
a person who will not stop or rest until he or she accomplishes their goal.
Whacko -
a person without rules or restrictions in their life, similar to a bye-bye Muslim. Stay away from whackos, or you'll pay the price. No discipline, no sense of principles, no sense of any sense, no common sense, no time, no commitment (even if they carry a lot watches, the watches are just for decoration) and watching their lips doesnt mean anything. Lip movment is the opposite direction of their brain movement, it's the opposite direction of left over any heart movement. It is the opposite direction of their feet movement, it is the opposite direction from their hand movement. They are VERY hazardous people to themselves, to others, and to society. Those who are supposed to be a muslim, but they do not have any kind of knowledge, or Islamic practice, or Islamic manner.
Helicopter -
helicopters make noise, when they go up and down, they generate a lot of dust, a lot of wind, a lot of instability, they can even take your clothes off. No vision, a lot of headache. This is what happens if you allow yourself to think too much, past, future, worry, fear, whatever. Today, the majority of people are suffering from helicopter syndrome. Meaning, they need immediate help, they cannot go to sleep, they cannot be calm, they cannot have a real soft kind relationship, meaning, they are in the edge of breaking down, or they are already broken and they do not know, you can go to my clinic and ask for medical assistance. You'll find it all over my website. Or, you can go to magic pills and take a few. If you continue, you will be cured in a short period of time, service is free, no charge. Medication is free, no charge. You do not need to submit any papers or insurance cards, all you need is to surrender and submit to the will of the Almighty Creator, Allah SWT, and you will b fine. Don't complain about the long explanation, it's much better than having a headache long and all night, or giving somebody a headache, to save yourself from yourself and save yourself from others and save others from yourself. Be patient and listen, and don't complain, you'll be fine. No side effects, no hazards, it's all organic.
Cut Off Your Head -
it does not mean to literally cut off your head. This is an expression to stop the helicopter of your head (see above), which runs by the shaiyateen, the devil, satan, causing arrogance, sorrow, and sadness. Instead, cutting off your head calls you to humble yourself to Allah, ask Him for vision, wisdom, light, and guidance. By this way, the Almighty Allah (SWT) will inspire, guide, and lead you in every aspect of your life, and this will generate a calmness, ease, tranquility, peace, and security because you will now belong to Allah (SWT). You can't achieve this unless you're in a constant state of remembering Allah, remembering death, and the Power of Allah, and remembering your desperation towards Allah (SWT) for wisdom, guidance, light, and inspiration. Also to remember to ask Allah to save you from His anger, from arrogance, hastyness, and stubberness and to put you in a state of Consultation with the Owner and Master, Allah (SWT) the Almighty.


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