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Please, for you and the benefit of mankind. Muslim and Non-Muslim. If you see and you hear my message in this website, and you believe it benefits you and can benefit others, please take a complete responsibility to spread it the maximum you can, where you are on earth. Your effort will be rewarded by the Almighty, Allah (SWT). And remember, to save one person from hell fire and send him to paradise is better for you than the whole earth and what it contains. This is the highest noble work you can do. Please, take full resonpsibility, if you die, and you meet the Almighty, you will be questioned about what you've done in your life to elevate the name of the Almighty the Creator, Allah. Do your best, the Ultimate and utmost best. You will be very happy when you go to your grave and meet the Almighty, Allah SWT, don't waste any time and do your best by all means possible, and make du'a so Allah will give all of us success and the happiness of this life and the hereafter.

It is a duty, it is a job, it is a responsibility. Take it as a job and duty, may Allah subhana wa ta'ala accept all of us to be for Him before we die. Today you can, tomorrow you can't. You only live once, today is work, tomorrow is judgement day.



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