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Da`ee Ahmed Moait
Wednesday 14th March 2009 Bangalore, India.

Alhamdulillah Hi Rabbil Al Ameen!
In The Name Of Allah, Most Beneficent Most Merciful .
We had the immense fortune and blessing from Allah [swt],
To attend this amazing talk by Da'ee Ahmed Moait .
The summary to the best of my capacities
and understanding is compiled below.
All good is from Allah and any mistake
in this narration and communication Is from my ignorance .
May Allah [swt], accept our efforts and increase us
in our sincerity to please Him alone, Ameen!


He started by asking us to set intention purely to Allah [swt]. We have to know that Allah [swt] chooses whom he wants. We have to sit with four intentions:

  1. To seek the knowledge of Allah, purely for Allah.
  2. To gain the knowledge to live it and to be a role model of this knowledge
  3. To set intention to spread the knowledge to the maximum
  4. To be patient in spreading the knowledge and ready to sacrifice time and money with devotion.


After the Prophets and Messengers, we are the only people who have the job and responsibility to spread this knowledge. A gathering to seek knowledge is better than 100 years of worship.

Hadith At Tabarani fi al Awsath:
The one who has knowledge
is stronger over the shaitaan than 1000 worshippers
Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib [RA] said:
Knowledge is better than money.
Knowledge guards you and you guard your money.
Knowledge is elevation and money is a disgrace.
The more you spend money, the more it is gone or decreases.

On the other hand, the more you spend knowledge, the more you will be elevated and increases.With the knowledge of Allah, we gain happiness and joy of this life and the hereafter.

Surah Al-Kahf


Say: Shall We inform you who will be the greatest losers by their works? Those whose effort goeth astray in the life of the world, and yet they reckon that they do good work. The most knowledgeable person is he who seeks knowledge. Seeking knowledge generates “khashiya” respect of Allah [swt].
  • To seek knowledge is worship
  • To gather and talk about it, the knowledge of Allah is Tasbeeyah
  • To make an effort to seek knowledge is to strive in the path of Allah
  • To give this knowledge to others is charity
  • To share knowledge with your family generates unity.
  • Knowledge of Allah is the best companion when you are alone
  • It is the best friend in this life and the hereafter. Knowledge is light to show you the truth with which we gain quality of patience and ease in difficulty.
  • It elevates you in this life and the hereafter.
  • It is the lighthouse towards Allah

halal and haram

With this knowledge, Allah elevates certain people and he makes them leaders of mankind. They help people to seek goodness. People look up to them and angel love them too. The angels embrace them with their own wings.

Every dry and wet portion of the earth, the fish in the seas, the animals in the jungle, the sky and whatever it contains make dua for them both when they are alive and after they have died.

Knowledge is the light of heart from blindness.
It is the light in this life from darkness.
It is the power of the body from weakness.
With this knowledge, you gain
the highest level after the Messengers and the Prophets.

Just thinking of knowledge is equal to the deeds of one who fasts the whole day and worships whole night. Knowledge makes you aware of Allah and His oneness. With this knowledge, you praise Allah; you obey Allah and thank Allah. You get to know what is Halal and Haram.

Knowledge makes you an Imam, a leader. The knowledge of Allah, Allah gives it to whom He likes and denies it to the straying one. Prophet [saw] asked: Do you want me to tell you about the best and worst people. The companions were silent. Prophet [saw] repeated this sentence thrice and there was no response.
Finally one companion stood up and asked, “Tell us Ya Rasoolullah, who is the best one among us and who is the worst one among us? Prophet [saw] replied: The best one is he whose goodness is above his evils. And the worst one is he whose evil is above his goodness”

The first pillar of Islam is the Shahadateen
First Shahada:
Belief in the oneness of Allah.
He is The Creator, The Governor, The Provider, and The Guardian.
You have to go to the names of Allah study them,
learn them, believe in them, call Him with them,
and make them your own personality.
Meaning to live accordingly.

Second Shahada:
Belief in Prophet [saw] and follow his footsteps.
(The sunnah of Rasulallah [SAW])

Who is a True Muslim?

A true Muslim is the one, whose…

  1. Heart, mind and soul is completely surrendered and submitted to Allah.
  2. Muslim are safe from his tongue and from his hand, he will not betray others by stealing, back biting or oppressing physically, financially, or by his tongue.
  3. A Muslim is the one who does not change his words or his commitment and he says the truth. Halal as Halal and Haraam as Haraam. He always tries to be in state of Islam obeying Allah the maximum of his ability. A Muslim when he remembers Allah, his heart becomes humble and trembles, soft, his body shivers and his eyes tear from the fear and love of Allah.
  4. He believes in Allah and His Prophet [PBUH], with knowledge and action. He is far away from wrong company and wrong doers. He keeps his word, he keep his covenant, his promise. He tries to seek the knowledge of Allah wa Rasooluhu in every action, in whatever he talks and whatever he does.
  5. The believers are his friends, his brothers and his supporters.
  6. He loves dignity and hates disgrace. He keeps his tongue with the truth and always walks with the light of the truth.
  7. The Satan has no power over him but he is powerful over his own Satan. His submission  to his Lord[swt] provides him with his own power, from the power of Allah [swt]
  8. A Muslim loves for his brother what he loves for himself and hates for his brother what he hates for himself.
  9. He decorates himself with the character, manner and the qualities Allah wa Rasooluhu love.
  10. He tries to be a doer not a talker.
  11. He makes sure, he advices himself, before he advices others. He look to his mistakes before he tries to correct others mistakes.


A Muslim’s Salah,The one he does it only for Allah [swt], Allah [SWT] said in Hadith Qudsi

I only accept Salaah
from those who do it humbly to my glory
and those who walk with humbleness and humility
amongst my creation and those who will not sleep with
an intention of commiting sins
and those who spend the day in zikr.

I Only accepts salaah from those who,Always seek to have Rahma over the miskeen(poor), takes care of the needy and the widows. He rushes to take care of those in calamity or need. This servant I will give him light like the light of the sun. I will surround him with My glory and dignity and My angels will guard him.

If he goes astray, I will give him light and guard him from his own sins. I decorate him with patience and I will give him My Firdous in Jannah. This is the one I accept his prayer and his Salaah.

Who is a Believer? Who is a Momin?

The one people feel safe and find peace with him. They feel tranquility, peace and security with him. They trust him with themselves, their family and with their money.
The believer is full of benefit. If you consult him he benefits you, when you accompany him he benefits you, if you walk with him, he benefits you… everything about him benefits you.
The above is the summary of the Hadith. Now lets summarize what early people said about a Momin and we can question ourselves about the Quality of a Momin.


  • If you see him he is a cure
  • His wisdom is medication
  • You benefit from him even before he talks
  • He hurries to every goodness
  • He seldom talks and busy in doing goodness whereas the hypocrite talks a lot and does very little.
  • Has light on his face, sadness in his heart
  • His chest is wide and his nafs/soul is light
  • He stops every evil action
  • He commands every goodness
  • He has no envy, no jealousy, no doubt, no uncertainty and does not backbite.
  • He hates status and does not like to be called names
  • Always thinking, concerned and silent
  • He guards and elevates his time( with remembering of Allah and everything for Allah)
  • He does not care about his name and title
  • He has no arrogance, does not laugh. Only smiling
  • Always seeks knowledge or gives knowledge
  • If you seek him he help you to  increase in your own comprehending and wisdom
  • He is not stingy and he is not in a hurry
  • He is not in a state of anger and does not oppress others
  • He does not argue and always makes himself as a wrong one
  • He is just in dealing with others
  • He is compassionate  and caring when he deals with others
  • beloved and always be loved
  • He always keeps his promise, his covenant, respects his time and the time of others.
  • He cares about others and does not engage in things that do not belong to him
  • Thankful and content
  • Fighting his own desires
  • He will not oppress those who do wrong against him
  • He will not feel happy with the calamity that arrives or reaches others even his own enemy or those who do wrong to him.
  • Always serious with a smile, sharp looking, carefully thinking and carefully talking
  • He is always in a state of belief.

This is a true Momin and the above listed are the internal and external of some of the signs of a true Momin.

The true Momin believes in Allah,
trusts in Allah, has faith in Allah,
always in a state of tawakkul [rely] in Allah.
He is always content,
happy and thankful to Allah.
He lives with the constitution of the Quran and Sunnah.

The verses that list the qualities of a true Momin

Surah Al Imran


Say: O Allah! Owner of Sovereignty! Thou givest sovereignty unto whom Thou wilt,and Thou with drawest sovereignty from whom Thou wilt. Thou exaltest whom Thou wilt,and Thou abasest whom Thou wilt.In Thy hand is the good.
Lo! Thou art Able to do all things [26].

Thou causest the night to pass into the day, and Thou causest the day to pass into the night. And Thou bringest forth the living from the dead, and Thou bringest forth the dead from the living. And Thou givest sustenance to whom Thou choosest, without stint[27]

Say, (O Muhammad, to mankind): If ye love Allah, follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. [31]

Surah Al Ana'am


And with Him are the keys of the Invisible. None but He knoweth them. And He knoweth what is in the land and the sea. Not a leaf falleth but He knoweth it, not a grain amid the darkness of the earth, naught of wet or dry but (it is noted) in a clear record.

A Momin elevates his connection to Allah with the detachment of Duniya like. They used to say “If you see a man far away from Duniya, seeking Aakhira, get closer to him. He is close to Allah and Allah fills his heart with wisdom. The knowledge of Allah is light. Allah sends it to the heart of whom he loves."

some of the constitutions from the Quran,
a Momin should live with

Surah Hud


He said: O my people! Bethink you: if I am (acting) on a clear proof from my Lord and He sustaineth me with fair sustenance from Him (how can I concede aught to you)? I desire not to do behind your backs that which I ask you not to do. I desire naught save reform so far as I am able. My welfare is only in Allah. In Him I trust and unto Him I turn (repentant).

Surah Al Kahf


If only, when thou enteredst thy garden, thou hadst said: That which Allah willeth (will come to pass)! There is no strength save in Allah! Though thou seest me as less than thee in wealth and children

Surah An Nahl


And do thou be patient,
for thy patience is but from Allah;
nor grieve over them:
and distress not thyself because of their plots.

Surah Al-Anfal


O ye who believe! Give your response to Allah and His Messenger, when He calleth you to that which will give you life; and know that Allah cometh in between a man and his heart, and that it is He to whom Ye shall (all) be gathered.

Our Imaan is veiled between us and Allah by our sins, attachment and love of others. The more we have attachment to anything of material status, the more we have veil between us and Allah. The more we detach ourselves, the more the veil will be lifted and the light of Allah descends on us.

Surah Al-Imran


If Allah helps you, none can overcome you:
if He forsakes you, who is there after that that can help you?
In Allah, then, let believers put their trus

Surah Al-'A' raf


Say: "I have no power over any good or harm to myself except as Allah willeth. If I had knowledge of the unseen, I should have multiplied all good, and no evil should have touched me: I am but a warner, and a bringer of glad tidings to those who have faith."

Surah al-Jinn


Say: "It is not in my power to cause you harm,
Or to bring you to right conduct." (21)

Say: "No one can deliver me from Allah (if I were to disobey Him),
nor should I find refuge except in Him. (22)

Surah An-Nisa


Nor those who spend of their substance, to be seen of men,
but have no faith in Allah and the Last Day:
if any take the Evil One for their intimate,
what a dreadful intimate he is!

Surah Saba


And on them did Satan prove true his idea, and they followed him, all but a Party that believed(20). But he had no authority over them? except that We might test the man who believes in the Hereafter from him who is in doubt concerning it: and thy Lord doth watch over all things.(21)

Surah Al Ankabut


We did test those before them,
and Allah will certainly know,
Those who are true from those who are false

Surah Yaseen


Verily, when He intends a thing,
His command is "Be" and it is!

Surah An Nahl


For to anything which We have willed,
We but say the Word,
"Be" and it is.

Surah Ar Room


With Allah is the Decision,
In the Past and in the Future:
On that Day shall the Believers rejoice?


In Hadith Qudsi Allah said,
Al-Azeez, Al-Hameed

My servant who has strayed from me,

Salaam un alaikum, peace be with you.

This is my letter to you from what I choose to you from guidance and light and wisdom and comprehending.

The first thing I create you from nothing and I bring you to existence. I choose for you the guidance. I create you with the ear to hear me, eyes to see, the tongue to talk, heart to know me, brain to comprehend and to understand my creation.

After that I make you bear witness of believing in me and u did. After that, you run away from me and after you hear the truth, you deny it and after you commit an oath with me; you break it.

After all what you have done, do not be scared of me. If you come to me, I will come to you and I will increase my generosity to you. If you fall down, I will lift you and if you repent, I will accept you and if you forget, I will remind you. If you try to do little good deed, I will thank you. I give, I increase and my generosity is wide. I erase your sins; I forgive you after all what you have done. I give you Sutra [cover] so that nobody will know your sins.

My servant, look to the sky! How high; look at the sun and its own brightness! & look to the earth from end to end. Look to the seas and its own waves; look to the seasons and its own time; look to the time and how it rolls on earth; look to everything seen and unseen, moving and calm, wake up and silent. Look to everyone in the state of ruku or sujud or even who is present and not present. Think about the unknown, what you know and what you do not know.

Everything bear witness by My glory, everyone sees My perfection, everything is making zikrr of Me and all my creation is in a state of thankfulness to Me. But My servant, My poor servant; I remember you and you forget Me; I give you Sutra and cover you and you don’t care about me.

If I command the earth to swallow, you in a second it will be or if I command the seas to drown you, you will be drown with no escape. But I guard you with My Qudrah [ability] and I support you with My power and I am patient with you to a time I ordained.

Fa Wa izzati wa jalali; with My dignity and My Glory, you have to come to Me and you would be standing in front of Me and I will be calculating all your deeds small and big until you believe you are doomed and is no way out for you except hellfire. At this moment, I will give you my forgiveness and will take care of you with My pleasure. I forgive your sins and will let you know, do not be sad, do not worry… this is Me for that I call myself Al-Ghaffar : The All forgiver

This is our Lord Allah [swt] Akramul Akrameen Rabbul Izzati Wal Malakoot

Love From Duniya

Our Prophet [PBUH] said, “The one who gains success is the one who embraces Islam, be content with his provision and thank Allah [swt] for what he gives.”

Our Prophet [PBUH] once while sitting with his companions looked at Abu Bakr Siddique [RA] and asked him, Ya Abu Bakr, what you love from this Duniya? Abu Bakr [RA] replied I love only 3 things and is all for you.

  • I love to look at you
  • Sit with you
  • and spend my money on you

At this moment He [PBUH] looked at Omar [RA], What about you, Ya Omar?
I love 3 things:

  • To do good deeds even if it is hidden
  • To stop the evil even if it is loud
  • Say the truth even if it is sour

He[PBUH] asked the same to Uthmaan [RA], What about you, Ya Uthmaan?
I love from Duniya 3

  • I love to feed people
  • To spread salaam
  • To pray at night with nobody to see me

He [PBUH] looked at Ali [RA] and asked the same, What about you, Ya Ali?
I love from Duniya 3

  • I love to be generous to guests
  • I love fasting on a hot day in summer
  • I love to strive in the path of Allah

Prophet [PBUH] said: I love from Duniya 3

  • Altib  (Perfume)
  • Women
  • And the most beloved thing to me is Salaah

At this moment Jibreel [AS] arrived Allah gives you salaam and ell you that
Allah loves three things from duniya

  1. He loves a tongue that remembers him
  2. Heart that thanks him, content with him Allah swt
  3. Body that’s patient with him in the time of calamity and hardship

Then Jibreel [AS] said:I love three from Duniya

  • I love to spread the message
  • I love to keep the trust
  • I love the miskeen (poor people), the one who is in the state of poverty to Allah [swt]

When the four imaams heard this hadith they replied:
Imam Abu Hanifa [Ra] says I love three from Duniya

  • Seek knowledge all night
  • Get away from every status of arrogance
  • Empty heart of loving duniya

Imam Malik[Ra] said I love three from Duniya

  • To be close to Rauza sharief of Prophet[PBUH]
  • To stay in Madina
  • To respect his seed and beloved family

Imam Shafaaii [Ra] said

  • To be with others with good manner
  • To get away from everything extra of this life
  • To be with the company of those who deny Duniya

Imam Hanbal [Ra] said

  • Following the footsteps of Rasoolullah[PBUH]
  • To gain the barakah of the light of the Prophet [PBUH]
  • To seek the guidance of the signs of the footsteps of Prophet[PBUH]
Prophet [PBUH] said,
“Whoever does not care about The condition and affair of Muslim
and the Muslim ummah is not among us.
He said that the one silent of seeking and saying
The truth is a Satan without a Tongue.”

Ask yourself as to what kind of painting you are planning to leave behind? What colors do you plan to use? Are we painting a colorful painting full of faith, generosity, kindness, goodness, compassion, mercy? Or we are leaving an ugly painting with unattractive colors full of injustice, stinginess, bad manner, oppression, and ignorance?

Final Message
Questions need answers

Am I a Muslim?
Am I a Momin?
Am I a seeker of knowledge?
Am I a believer of Allah?
Am I a seeker of loving Allah wa Rasooluhu?
Do I feel honored, responsible and caring about the condition of the ummah and condition of the Muslims?
Do I believe that I am going to die and meet Allah?
What kind of a legacy I am going to leave on this earth? What kind of meeting will I have with Allah when I die?


If you are concerned about the answers for these questions, take a Ghusl, embrace Islam, start the journey of seeking knowledge and getting closer to Allah. Lift the veil between you and Allah by spending your wealth, your time, your prime time, whatever left of your time for Sabeel-Allah, to elevate the name of Allah, to be a role model, to be a true believer, to gain success, mercy, pleasure, the light, wisdom and Jannah of your Lord Allah Rabbil Al Ameen.

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Daee Ahmed Moait


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